The Magic

What is it that he has
that i do not have,

What is it that I have
that you do not have

What is possible by him
Is possible by me.

And what is possible by me
Is possible by you.

What really matters is
What you and I want!

To him, a pinnacle is home
For you, home is the pinnacle

To him, being successful
is the pinnacle tip
For you, being happy is.

Success and Happiness!
Are they one and the same?

If different, how is it?
If same, why is it?

All Successes are not happy,
Happy ones seldom see success!

Magic lies with the other genre
That is both!
Successful and Happy!

Get in there
And see what it is.

A perfect blend
of both these ‘things’.

The feeling is great!
So Wonderful that
it makes me sing!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

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