Little Flowers

Young innocent lives lost in meaningless wars, terror attacks, and retaliations!

Little flowers,
Crushed by heat,
Not of the glowing Sun,
But the seething fumes
Of sub-human wrath
That tears the soul

To prove the might!
Devouring peace of hills
And of vales
and still claim its right

Oozing from a thousand eyes
Tears tainted red
smearing the earth alike
engulfed in burning clouds
burying so many
killing the dreams
severing the petals,
stealing the home,
of the Little flowers

Eternity it seems!
When you can sow another seed
in the tarnished land
To see it grow
With eyes full of hope
To lift the gloom
Restore Peace
See the Little Flowers bloom

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

5 thoughts on “Little Flowers”

  1. Good one! Amidst all the grays in the universe, these new seeds make a lot of difference bec they do bring along fresh hope! Hope along with these fresh buds we do make a difference to the world!

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