Brother’s prayers

“Ma, how did the baby enter your tummy?” asks the 7 yr old son. “Oh that?!! err..! That is the safe place to be in till the baby is fit enough to be ‘born’ into the world”, says me. “So, how are babies made?” the little one again. Me -“Hey, did’nt you wish for a baby sis/bro to play with? God heard your prayers and is blessing us with one”. “Ok then it must be a boy” says he. “Why so?”. “Girls always play with Barbie dolls. We’ll have more cars and bikes if its a boy”.

My son was doubly thrilled when it was a baby brother. Because God heard his prayers and blessed him with a brother and he gets to share the toys:-) Boys! And their ways!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

3 thoughts on “Brother’s prayers”

  1. You could consider a scientific explanation the next time a child asks this question. This does not lead to the god illusion and unnecessary clouding of questions that are deterrent to scientific progress. Simply put, the truth is satisfying and productive.

    Whenever i get asked this question, which is quite often nowadays i answer this way…

    “The man gives the woman something called the sperm, which is a living cell. The sperm will come together with a womans ovum. Then what happens is called fertilization and this is called a zygote. Cells multiply from one to two, two to four and so on until there are millions of cells which forms people like you and me”.

    The details as to how the sperm is given to the woman et all if at all asked (i’ve had this asked only once in all the science classes i’ve taught) can be simply put forward as “its too complex to understand for small kids, you need to know what mytosis is and you will be taught this in 8th grade zoology class”.

    I’m sure our kids are smart enough to figure out in the 6th grade 🙂

  2. Dilip:
    That is three more years for her son to catch for the right answers, currently Vidya can’t wait to answer nor Vyas to hear. 😉

    Too much biology will not work with these youngsters, Answers become questions Now…

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