Tomato and Paruppu rasam

Here comes my fav rasam.  Serves 6 (appx). Don’t forget to try and post the results- good, bad, funny..

Ingredients: Two ripe tomatoes, toor dhal,  asafoetida- a small piece,  rasam powder,  coriander, salt, tamarind

1. Soak tamarind- (size of half a lemon) in warm water for 10 mins.

2. Squeeze and extract pulp.

3.  Slighly mash tomatoes with hand and add to the extract with 3 glasses of water.

4. Add salt and asafoetida and boil

5. Add 2 full spoons of rasam powder and allow it to boil for 2 more mins.

6. Take 3 tsps of boiled toor-dhal and mash. Pour the remaining water and add it to rasam.

7. Its time to remove from flame when you see rich yellow froth on top.  Add 2 strings of curry leaves and coriander after you remove from flame.

8. Season with mustard and zeera in a tsp full ghee and keep it closed at least for 10 mins before you serve..

Drink hot or eat with hot cooked rice.

Did you like it?

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

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