The Tea-maker..

Often, at around 3.30 PM on a Saturday or Sunday, you will find a little man perched on a little chair, handing out instructions to his dad. The place of action is the kitchen and if you are wondering what’s cooking, it is the little man brewing tea for his mom & dad. The dad is only too happy to play an ‘assistant’ to his son, and happier still because he is spared the effort of having to make it. Vyas is very obliging when his dear mummy or daddy request a cuppa tea!

“Appa! Come, let us make tea”, he says and drags his small wooden chair to the kitchen. Appa has to play along and ‘help’ him with a few things. He picks the right vessel to make tea and fills out the water required to make exactly 2 cups of tea. “Appa, light the stove”, and appa readily helps. “Bring that tea dust, yes, the one in that dubba”. He adds the tea powder neatly and casually adds another small pinch like how his amma does, and hands back the dabba. “Now, sugar” he tells his dad. Adds sugar when he sees the tea boiling. “Pour out milk in this cup for me” he requests, and is quick to add “podhum, podhum (enough, enough)”. Waits for the tea to boil till the aroma tickles his nose and then carefully adds the milk. And gestures ‘wait’ at his dad with one hand, with his other hand on the hip, looking all serious and supervising the tea-in-making.

Last weekend, he insisted on making ‘adhrak’ tea to surprise the dad. So, he conspired with his mom and got her to pound a little adhrak (ginger) to make tea. So, I swapped places with his dad and heeded to his instructions! Once done, he announces proudly, “Dad, your tea is ready. Can you guess what I’ve added?”. Dad of course has to pretend ignorance and let the son reveal the secret. A nice ‘kadak’ (strong) chat-pata chai it was.

Tastes heavenly, specially if you don’t have to make your own tea! Right? He in return gets squeezed into a tight hug with a kiss and a huge THANKS! The little busy-body Varun looks on in wonderment, and these days he gets to taste the tea too. He approves strongly.. Wait baby, just a little more time, and you’ll team up with anna and bestow this favor on your dear appa and amma!


Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

10 thoughts on “The Tea-maker..”

  1. “Wait baby, just a little more time, and you’ll team up with anna and bestow this favor on your dear appa and amma!”

    I BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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