Men are men!

He is naughtiness personified. Look at his eyes, catch him smile, hear him speak, or see him cry. No matter what action he is at, it is written all over him. That is Keshav for you. My 7 year old nephew and just 2 months younger to Vyas. These two bond too well and even in sickness, you’ll see them glued together. . The two usually conspire and plan on a night stay either at my SIL’s house or at ours, and announce their decisions for us to take care of the other logistics like pick-up, drop:-) Vyas dearly misses his cousin Keshu (as we call him) and Varsha, my 13 yr old beautiful little niece, now that they have relocated to Saudi.

Keshu is a cool mischievous cat and is too adept at getting things done his way. You’ll never know the things that he makes a mental note of only to recall them at the appropriate time, and to his advantage. We watch our kids grow in front of our eyes and yet we are not prepared for some googlies from them. Like the other day when Keshu showed the ‘True-typical-Indian-brother’ in him. Varsha’s aunt had gifted her a dress, a little hugging outfit. She looks good in anything and my SIL did not find it odd either. The little moral-police Keshu enters the scene. One look at the new outfit his sister is wearing and says, “What are you wearing? Its like the one Assin or Priyanka Chopra wear and dance like this (gyrates to show how). Change to some other dress!” The mother and daughter were stunned of course! I mean when did the little brother notice all this and when did he learn to say right from wrong, good from bad, and what’s wearable from what is not?!!

While this advice was taken lightly, my SIL came to know that he was really serious about the dress code when he agreed to Varsha wearing the same dress back in Saudi because she’d have to wear a burka/abaya over it!

Men are men I tell you. Event if it is a pint-sized kid like Keshu:-)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

2 thoughts on “Men are men!”

    1. Seriously! And we would like to believe that such gender-bias will disappear when our kids turn into responsible adults! Some hope i guess:-)

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