To be or not to be!

Crows, squirrels and pigeons mark their attendance on our window sill and the neighbor’s terrace every morning. Varun engages in an animated babble with these friends. While he is still busy at it, something tells him that his mom has tip-toed to the kitchen. He swiftly turns around to confirm, and he is right. As he shows slight signs of protest, the attention shifts on hearing his thatha clear his throat and the little eyes seek him out. He smiles that sweet smile seeing thatha clad in a shirt and is ready for the morning walk. The mommy in me though relieved, is also a little sad! He leaps from his dad’s arms to the grandpa’s and fixes his gaze on the door. When grandpa does not show any signs of moving, he loses his cool and gives a ‘Come on! Time to go’ look at him.

Back from the walk, he eyes his toys with contempt. Like a hungry lion refusing to eat dead meat! Ambles straight to the kitchen where amma is busy getting the breakfast and lunch ready. His lovely eyes, and the cutie smile beckons leaving mommy no choice than to lift him up and squeeze him in a tight hug! He looks on while the mommy pours the dosa batter on the tava. Thinking of ways to distract, I give him a washed tomato and make him sit on the floor. And some assortment of utensils and onions too line up. The tomato suffers some bites and squeezes and 10 minutes later makes its way into the rasam. And I reason that the rasam tastes extra nice because of that tomato.

It is a while before the little one receives the undivided attention. But then, it is time to bathe him and feed him his breakfast. And when that is done, I guess he understands its time for amma and appa to leave, for he clings onto me and refuses to let go! Then we invent more ways to distract him and then bid good-bye. He seems to understand and looks on. It hurts. And at such times, I wish time ticks at extra speed and its already evening. Or better still, its already 4 years past and he does not feel bad any longer about amma having to leave home only to return at dusk.

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

2 thoughts on “To be or not to be!”

  1. The many colors of motherhood, nah…the many shades of motherhood. The dull ache never ceases to go, or does it? We’ll never know. Perhaps, it’s better this way…to live with this pain, however difficult it is.

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