Children, Books, and Language

Vyas called a while ago. He usually calls after he is back from school for the following reasons:


1. remind me of some promises that I made like getting him a book or toy.

2. help him find something he mis-placed in the morning.

3. seek permission to watch TV

4. have an extra chocolate!

5. complain about a classmate.

After he is done with his share of questions, information, I have a few usual questions:


1. he has had something to eat after school?

2. he had emptied the snacks, lunch, and water that he’d taken to school?

3. anything interesting happened in the class?

4. it was a classmate’s birthday ?

5. if there was any other news at school?

6. and what his brother Varun was upto?

He called me this afternoon to remind me of something I’d promised to buy. When it was my turn, I asked him what Varun was doing.   “Prancing around like mad!” came the reply!!

Thanks to the Roald Dahl series he’z been reading recently! Am not complaining:-)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

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