The person that he is!

I would like to let you into a secret, albeit a known one. A marriage works like a song if one partner seldom talks. And even the few spoken words sound like mumbo-jumbo (while they are actually not), but you pretend to have understood! Well, its been working for me:-) That I nod in agreement several times during a conversation, unaware that a question was asked and I was supposed to answer and not agree, is a different matter altogether:-) We get along despite the wide gap in communication!

The partner was very confident of my failing the selection process for a job in his work place and so did not show a strong objection when I made an attempt. I disappointed him by qualifying but with over an year into the marriage, he was already used to such disappointments !

For a sports person, he is too shy and conscious of public attention. Need I say that taking a dig at this characteristic whenever an opportunity presents itself, bringeth me the greatest joy! However, I’ve restrained myself from tormenting him at the work place because of the mutual agreement of not crossing each other’s way at work, anything even remotely related to work or even otherwise. Mutual non-interference, no-intrusion policy has been working generally except that the partner gets to escape on holidays with his friends more often. Escapades on my own are few and far between what with having to tug attachments along!

He hates nice things like gold, debts, noise, pomp, rash-driving, killing cockroaches, and particularly a show of ‘affection’ in public:-) Come on! What is life without a little show I say! The flip -side of being tied to a partner with a seemingly soft, polite demeanour is that you end up sounding like a terror! The result is a general disbelief amidst the junta when told that he is far more short tempered than I and not a day goes by without he yelling at a random guy like a lorry-wala on the road for crossing his path or yanking a horn.

He does boring things like playing cricket, watching cricket, talking cricket, eating cricket, sleeping cricket, writing cricket and apart from these, he loves cricket and lets me be!

If you ask him to name two things he cannot do without in this world, don’t be surprised if you hear him name 1. TV Remote and 2. News Paper. If you ask him what can cause utmost distress to him, the answers would be: 1. remembering to buy a gift for his wife on her birthday or the wedding day, 2. the wife walking up to his cubicle for a chat or wishing him a happy birthday on her blog!

An opportunity has presented itself today and I cannot let it go by. And that is precisely why I make this post. To wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


10 thoughts on “The person that he is!

  1. Vidhya,

    Wish your partner a Very Happy Birthday (via) your blog. Not sure if others wishing him via your blog will give him more distress!! But I think I know a way around this problem. If you can promote his blog via your blog, then he should be fine with you mentioning about him in your blog πŸ™‚
    Btw, I was expecting to read “cricket” as at least one of the items that he cant do without, but then understood that he 1) watches ‘cricket’ in tv and 2) reads about ‘cricket’ in newspaper.
    And ya, your partner being short-tempered is news to me!
    On this day, let me also take the opp to wish you both many more happy years “together” (though you say your options are open!) πŸ™‚

  2. Men folk who have their better-halves also in the same office, are often left to wonder who their real boss is. πŸ™‚ It confuses a perennially confused man even further. πŸ™‚

    Just kidding !

    My best wishes to Vasu !

    Rajkumar. B

  3. Best Birthday Wish Ever! Why am I not surprised with any of what you have had to say, Mrs. Vasu?! Except for the killing cockroaches part, I must add. However enjoyed reading every bit.

    But, I cant help but feel for Vasu who has to go through this distress not only for his wife’s birthday [which pretty much every husband goes through, I guess – I can only guess πŸ˜‰ ] but also on his own bday! Wish you many more distressful years ahead of you, Vasu!

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