Remote Control

One of the most cherished possessions at home is the TV Remote other than the TV. At any given point in time, one or the other in the house can be found hunting for the Remote. I have a strong feeling that at least 25% of waking hours of my people, is controlled by the Remote!

Varun probably understands this and also the fact that the momma will be a better, happier person without this ‘evil’ device which has cast a spell on his folks.

This morning, he decided to help me out. As usual, he was there standing on the sofa by the window talking to his friends with momma by his side. He was fiddling with the TV-Remote. I held my hand across him for support, lest he trips, and turned to pick something from the floor. He had done it. It was less than a second and the Remote was flying out of the window to land on the sunshade of the apartment below ours. The little cuddly thing continued to star-gaze as if all was well with the world!

But, is a world without remote-control possible? There is a mini torch-light lying on the same sun-shade for over a month, weathering the rains and the sun. The same two little hands were responsible. But that does not evoke any sympathy or interest. Nothing is lost with the torch gone, but everything is when a TV Remote is out!

No prizes for guessing that the remote was retrieved with some circus-antics. Momma is sad again and Varun must time it better for the next attempt!!

Remote-less World

PS:- Evanesco is a Vanishing Curse. Courtesy Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling:-)


2 thoughts on “Remote Control

  1. LOL 🙂 I can totally imagine :). Its wrong of you to compare the torch and the remote. avangala solli yenna prayojanam ?
    Varun is by far more being more helpful to you than Jillu 🙂

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