A nostalgic trip down the memory lane..

Several times in the last 2 weeks, I’ve been walking up and down the memory lane where the ultra happy moments and unimaginably sad ones lie interspersed.

A chance discovery and meeting with a childhood friend last year, whom I have not met in the last 2 decades resurrected many memories! This friend of over 2 decades has helped connect with few more whom we had lost touch with a long time ago!

The cool foggy Bangalore mornings, the early school hours, the teachers, my friends, the park, I can go on! Friends used to gather by a dozen at our house during festivals, especially during Ganesha Chathurthi and Varalakshmi Pooja, not to offer their prayers or out of reverance, but for the mouth-watering kozhakattais (modhakas) that my mom used to make.

Am amazed at how much memories and stories of that period my sister and I carry in our hearts even today and nothing comes as close to the lovely childhood as we shared. And those are our only memories of a ‘wonderful’ childhood and it seems like we were directly hurled into adulthood the moment we landed here, in the ever-warm Madras!

Life has been one wonderful, educative experience since then and am happy counting the blessings that have come my way. However (am not sure if it is right or wrong), I have been toying with the theory of a parallel universe and trying to visualize how our lives in the other universe is with some events of our childhood altered. Its nothing grand, but I like what I see there. I wish am in the middle of a dream and wake up to find myself having the best of both the worlds!! Utopia exists but in dreams!

Come summer, my sister, my friend and I have planned to travel back in time, to the places of our childhood. This time with our children and spouses, and relive those happiest moments, the stories of which we have narrated a thousand times over to our children and spouses, with all the colors, with all the contrasts!

Am happy I have people to tell stories to which nevertheless makes this Universe Utopian too! Pardon my rant!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

2 thoughts on “A nostalgic trip down the memory lane..”

  1. I visited my ‘childhood home’, (aww, what a corny way to put it) in my mid-twenties. After about 15 years, everything seemed diminished in their size. The house didn’t seem tall enough, the neighbor (railway quarters) was packed too close to ours, the playground came to an end before it opened up to a decent size and I could cross the road in three easy jumps. But a seed I had planted is now a tree – someone’s enjoying the fruits of my seed.

    Days of youth are always eventful; something worth talking about is always happening. Heck, I remember a casual evening chat my parents had – something of no significance to anyone. I can’t summarize what I’ve done in the last 2 months. Tomorrow is a minor variation of the uneventful today.

    1. Experienced this when visiting our grandparents house after years. It used to be the official summer vacation home.. “Tomorrow is a minor variation of the uneventful today”- very nicely put!

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