Happy Birthday!

Varun turns 1 today! This time last year, he was just a few hours old. Vyas, though prepared, had not settled down to the change even by the end of the day. Confused, angry, anxious, yet happy. It has been an exciting roller-coaster ride for everyone at the V house the last twelve months with many lessons on patience, expectation management, conflict management and what not. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that sometimes, at home or work, it is ok to swallow your pride or ego and go with the tide, and at times, it is equally, perfectly OK to get angry and get it out of my system, purge myself, even if it means an Armageddon!

Varun has learnt that it is OK to throw tantrums, cry and demand what is rightfully his anna’s! Vyas has learnt that there are cheekier ways to get his jobs done, and smarter ways to counter amma! So when he finds me yelling at him for not finishing his dinner or anything trivial, he calmly retorts with, “Amma, its time you get your thyroid checked”! This morning, he kissed me goodbye and came up with , “Bye, B P Amma” and dashed to the stairs before leaving to school. The ‘bestest’ change however is that he has ‘grown up’ and understands his amma better than anyone!

Varun has defined our schedules and time-tables. All our priorities are re-aligned to adjust to the little one’s needs. He decides a holiday (only a short one) for thatha and paatti, limits eat-outs for amma, appa, and anna, plays hide-and-seek only when he is in a mood, walks only where he likes, licks every other thing that is forbidden, sleeps only when he badly wants to, refuses to sit on a potty… I can go on! The philosopher in me says, “this too shall pass”, but the woman in me wants many of these moments to freeze. It was just yesterday that I saw Vyas take two baby steps forward, and he has time-traveled nearly 8 years, and is galloping his way into the tweens already? Tomorrow, Varun will be here, and another 8 years would have passed.

Though I dream several dreams for my two little sons, there is only one wish, or prayer if you can call it that: That both my darling sons must be healthy in mind and body. Nothing less. While every day is special, its an extra-special day today. I wish all nice things come your way Varun. You have added more color to our lives!!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. ..but the woman in me wants many of these moments to freeze
    Aww, I know. Anjali will grow teeth in a few months and as much as I want to see her ‘mouthful’ that much I want this ‘bokkai vai’ smile sustained.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Scarlett and for blessing the little ones! Yes, they do grow up so fast, with us, near us and all around us:-)

  2. wow!! KT it has been one year since i saw Varun
    The day i saw him first during this day after my visit from UK
    and i wud never forget 19th feb
    a very important date ..the day i returned after an eventful trip from UK
    and now another event
    the Birth of the lovely kid Varun my little friend
    yes they both varun and vyas will be hale and healthy and ur simple desire will be fulfilled ..
    cheers to u KT..my good wishes to Varun and to the parents and the grand parents
    and to the smarty little brother
    who knows to take of himself and of the mother and others also

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