Our Adventure with The Blue Carbuncle

My friend Geetha and I were occupying the last but one bench in our 8th standard classroom. The two of us get on like a house on fire even now! It was our English class and we had a wonderful, beautiful teacher. If I remember right, the lesson in progress was ‘The Blue Carbuncle’, an adventure by Sherlock Holmes.

Burying our faces behind the text book, Geet and I were busy chatting. Must have been about some silly TV program, for the teacher called out to Geet and asked her to summarize the story! We did not hear of course till the person next to her ‘elbowed’. The whole class, other than me, roared with laughter when she started her story with, “This part of the program was brought to you by…”!! Of course, I still had no idea that the teacher had called out her name, and we were clue-less about what was asked! What made it worse was our classmate, Veeramani, seated in the last bench was trying to be helpful by calling our attention to the text book we had held open. We had been holding it upside down! Everyone, the teacher included, had a hearty laugh and that was punishment enough! Not that we amended our ways.. Still…

You see, not only ignorance, but oblivion too is bliss:-)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

3 thoughts on “Our Adventure with The Blue Carbuncle”

  1. Vidhu how can I forget the episode:). I think we were discussing about the Nirma ad. We did have real fun. All the attention we received. The fivesome gang!!!

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