Why my son loves me…

Am openly jealous when I see kids with a lovely handwriting. Vyas’s handwriting leaves much to be desired and I cringe every time I open his notebooks! Well, that deserves a separate post. I guess someone has cast a spell over the last weekend as I see some legible work in his notebooks.

Vyas had trouble getting the numbers division right due to which he was visibly upset and frustrated. His mom made things more difficult for him because of the guilt-fever the working moms are known to catch often by worrying about not spending enough time with the child! Like a woman possessed, last week, I spent an hour teaching him to divide numbers and also gave him some exercises. Following this, he got all the divisions right in the class and he was elated. This ‘confidence’ and a little pep-up by his teacher on his handwriting has somehow egged him to write neatly and it showed in his home assignments. Maybe am saying it too soon:-)

He was proud of his neat work and kept bringing the notebook after every sum for my approval! I was happy indeed! And what followed was this:

Me: I love you da kanna! I love you because you are a sweet boy! You understand. I’ll be doubly happy and never get angry if you listen the very first time I tell you something! (I know its a little too much…. ‘konjam over’.. still..)

Vyas: Ok, ok.. I’ll write neatly hereafter ma!

Me: Super da! See how nice you feel when you do a job well? You are capable of writing neatly, but its the laziness that made you do a shabby work..

Vyas: (getting cautious) Amma, I’ll try, but can’t promise!

Me: What?

Vyas: I mean, you must keep reminding me that I have to write neatly. ok?

Me: Maybe the first few times. Then it’ll become a habit and you are already doing a great job!

Vyas: (beaming): Yeah, I know!

Me: (again) I love you very much because you are a lovely boy!

Vyas: I love you too ma. Because you taught me to divide!

Sigh!!! And not for the nice-mom-am-trying to be!!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

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