Mommy is angry!

Varun is giving Vyas a nice run for his things. I thought there was still a long way to go for petty quarrels, complaints and fights, buts it has arrived sooner than expected. The little one refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer from his anna, and immediately turns to one of us for support. When we do not relent, his brouhaha brings our neighbors out of their home! You can see him almost rolling on the floor in protest! If he were a little older, I would have replied with a tight slap. Just like the one the little boy in the movie ‘Punnaigai Mannan’ receives for insisting that Kamal Hassan hang upside-down! And the transition is so sudden! Where do kids learn these things from?

Vyas mostly plays a good anna and yet he has his moments! He drives the little one crazy taking the usual tit-for-tat route, and it vexes me! He suddenly finds his own toys and books boring and his brother’s very interesting. Even the small picture hand books with fruits, colors, vegetables et all are super reading stuff for an 8 yr old! I told you he understands me like no one else! He knows which chord to pull to please me or peeve me. And though he does not roll over the floor like his brother, he associates all possible adjectives when he ‘lovingly’ refers to his brother. For instance, he comes complaining that Varun is acting like a ‘demented monkey’! Catches the glint of anger in my eyes, and content in the knowledge that he has achieved what he wanted, he takes it a little further and adds, ‘He is all dotty’. He doesn’t stop there. ‘This fellow is balmy today’ and ‘He is such a dingbat’!

There are a hundred nice things for a child to pick up from books, friends, or other people around. But no, there is nothing like the joy of learning crazy stuff and liberally using it on a younger soul. That the little one is an equal match even when not being able to mouth two full words, is a different story altogether!! Whoever romanticized parenting!!


6 thoughts on “Mommy is angry!

    • Lavanya, there was a time when I used to teach him the words that are positive and used in appreciation, like awesome, wonderful, out-of-the-world et all. Now that he is on his own into the ‘reading-world’, my role ends with suggesting, exposing him to good books. And see the words that have caught his fancy:-( There are many more to the list! ‘Wretched’ is another one that he’z been lavishly using these days! Ennannu solla!!

    • I do this all the time! Thanks for pointing it out Prasad! And yes, he said all of those, after looking up for the meanings!

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