The new big-bang theory

Vyas: Ma, what are Asteroids?

Me: They are large objects that orbit the Sun like earth.

Vyas: Are they planets?

Me: Not exactly. They are similar but smaller than planets.

Vyas: Are they part of our Universe?

Me: Well, yes.. (was trying to guess what was coming..)

Vyas: Amma, do you know how the Universe came into existence?

Me: You tell me. I think you know?

Vyas: Vishu created our Universe!

Me: ??!!**$$ What? Who told you?

Vyas: I know. He created the Universe.

Me: C’mon! I bet you know! Do you remember the big bang that we read about?

Vyas: Yeah, I do!

Me: So, what is this new twist to the theory?

Vyas: I know there was a big bang and all that. But who created the big bang?

Me: (It was not going my way, and certainly not my day): You tell me!

Vyas: It was Vishu who created the big-bang!

Me: Who told you so (I was dead sure it was a friend)?

Vyas: Thatha (grandpa)!

Good. Great. Tata. We’ll catch up on this too (among other things) a little later in life. When explaining and understanding a Universe out of nothingness ceases to be an abstraction for both of us!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

2 thoughts on “The new big-bang theory”

  1. I don’t know what would be an appropriate age to start inculcating some sort of theistic/atheistic rationale. But you could have asked a harmless question like ‘If Vishnu created the big bang, then who created Vishnu?’

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