Choosing Books

Scholastic conducts book fair in Vyas’s school every year. The young man is a regular customer at this fair, and brings home the brochure and waits anxiously to tell me about the fair. That the same care or caution is not exercised for the circulars sent, project announcements made, or contests scheduled is a different matter altogether.

Whenever this book fair is held, I tell him a budget and let him choose the books within that limit. A good half hour is spent selecting the books. I feel too tempted to increase the budget when I see him total-up the cost of the books and crease his brows and sigh when it overshoots the amount. There are some books which are way too expensive and he has the option to borrow from the library close to our house. He readily excludes such books from the list and scans for other favorite titles. His list invariably has some fancy stuff like a 3-D picture story book with the 3-D glass, or one of those cartoon network heroes like Ben 10 or such, or new stories. He marks the books he wants to buy on the catalog and hands it over to his class teacher along with the required cash.

Disgusting Poems
Image: Courtesy Amazon

Coming to this year’s book fair, he came back with the catalog and we scanned all the titles and the cost. His choice of books this time took me by surprise. The titles read: ‘Disgusting Poems’, and ‘Knock Knock Jokes’!! I thought it was gauche to list ‘disgusting’ titles as part of kids literature and I was in two minds. But then, this was the first time my son picked a collection of poems and jokes and I was perplexed. Was not sure how ‘disgusting’ or funny the books would be. Curiosity got the better of me, and I agreed. I decided that in case it turns out to be really disgusting, I’ll put away the book somewhere and tell him it vaporized!

He got the books last week and few questions in the last few days have convinced me that he has read/learnt some ‘stuff’ from the books (more on that in another post!) Got a chance to read a few poems two days back, and well, it had the Mr.Bean effect on me; kids adore him, adults abhor him:) Children will thoroughly enjoy while the fussy adults will find it crass.

Sample the section under which the poems are grouped:

    Animal Instincts


    Knickers and Pants


    Bellies, Bottoms and Body Bits


    Bad Habits


    Spots, Sick and Toilet Troubles


    Rude Food and Rotten Recipes


    Earwax, Bogeys and Belly-Button Fluff


    Wind Section


    Truly Disgusting

So, you see where it is going? No? Will post a few sample poems shortly!!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

4 thoughts on “Choosing Books”

  1. Thats such a good habit and training. Teaching the value of money and keepig within the budget and getting what you want in the process! Super !!!!:)

  2. I just could not stop laughing at the ‘poem’. Even if you want to ‘vapourize’ it for vyas, please please save the copy for me. I Want to read it all. (Yes, i have a wierd taste)

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