Such a handful!

Varun had a field day last weekend with the house full of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmas, about 19 people in all. The tiniest of the lot was Varun and naturally the most pampered. He enjoyed being passed around, being fed ice-cream, nuts, tea, coffee, sweets, and savories. All he needed to do was to wear that sweet baby smile and show that twinkle in his eyes and randomly select an adult so he is air-lifted!

He takes great pride in show-casing his new skills by pointing to the grinder and saying – dhaindher, calling an apple an aaapul and a fan as taen. He manages to chase a football along with his brother and cousins and gets into their way as many times as possible making life a little difficult for them. The older kids are obliging of course!

Another skill he loves flaunting is his ability to switch the TV on or off and pick the right AC remote and stand exactly in front of the AC and power it on with the remote. He would watch out for appreciative nods and glances from the people around.

Has picked up another interesting game from his cousin Varsha. He saw her continuously tap up a ball with the table-tennis racket a few times, taking care to see that the ball does not drop to the floor. He took another racket and a ball and tried imitating her and realized he was too old (!!) for that. He did a small tweak to the rule; He placed the racket on the bed, held the ball in his right hand and began tapping the racket hard with the ball! Who is to decide whether the racket that should hit the ball or vice-versa?!!

When angry (yes, he gets angry), he strikes himself hard on his forehead with his palm, specially when we don’t follow what he is saying (am guessing its a habit he has picked up from his grand-mom who goes “ayyo perumalae” quite often), or bangs his head on the cot to convey protest!

Manages to grab anna’s whistles and blows it professionally:) At times, he is all lovey-dovey and stealthily inches close to the place where I keep my mobile. A quick flick and you will see the mobile crash to pieces!

He sees our domestic help washing the clothes, looks around, grabs a random cloth from any place he can reach, and hands it out to her for wash! She readily obliges and asks him to bring more. He is able to reach the shelf where the oil cans are kept in the kitchen and well, he managed to spill a container full on the floor, skated and hurt his head! Am glad the grand-parents did not have any ‘accidents’!

No matter in which corner of the house he is in, the in-built sensors tell him that the front door is open and he bolts out fast driving us all mad. The railings along the stairs leading to the floors below have huge gaps that 2 Varuns can comfortably pass through!

As I jot down these tiny growing moments here, I regret not having recorded Vyas’s antics as a toddler:-(


8 thoughts on “Such a handful!

  1. very cute. Such moments will be cherished later when he grows up and the very thought of it will bring a smile on your face. Keep going Varun. Great Show!!!

  2. Vidya,
    My younger son Karthik, has been hyperactive(is still so!!) even when he was very small. I remember those days, when he was barely two or less, my parents, had a small gate in the kitchen, so that he will not be able to cross that and get into the kitchen, but can peep and look up to his grandmom, whenever he wanted to.


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