Double Trouble

Incident 1:

Was discussing a holiday plan with my son Vyas, and we both made a check-list for the trip. At the end of the task, I told him I was all excited about the short break and was looking forward to it. And the big boy stuns me saying, “But I am calm about it” and mini-lectures me on saving the excitement for the actual trip, and it is fine if I start getting excited the moment we board the bus/train!

Incident 2:

Received a small lesson on prioritizing things. Vyas was looking for his spectacles and it was nowhere to be found. He had just a few more minutes to start to a camp and was getting restless. I tried my bit by looking around but could not find it. His dad was just finishing his pooja and like every other day, wanted to adorn his son’s forehead with the Sri Churnam. ‘Romba mukyam! (As if this is important right now)’ was all Vyas could muster to say in frustration! Though the counter was a little too much, I could not but agree with him. The spectacles or the thilak? The timing was great and we had a laugh:)

Incident 3:

We had to attend a betrothal function of a relative. It happened to be a weekday and the function was in the evening. My MIL had planned to leave early and so took along Varun in the morning and the rest of us were to join in the evening. My husband and I reached there in the evening to only have a dozen random relatives complaining that Varun had broken 2 mobile phones and a TV remote and that there was huge bill waiting! But Varun’s thatha came to the little one’s defense, brushing aside all the accusations saying that it was wrong to place such objects of lust within reach of the children. What can poor Varun do?!!


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