Machine Impossible?

A sewing machine that also doubles up as an iron-board has been occupying a little real-estate in our house. My dad gifted it when I was in high-school and I loved stitching outfits for my sis and myself. I haven’t sewed anything in it for a long time (read over 8.5 years) but it gets its space by virtue of being a nice, compact iron-board alternative.

A few months back, the sewing machine grew in stature as a play-thing with Varun doing a ‘zoin-zoin’ with the pedal, sitting on it for a see-saw effect and such other creative activities. The ‘big’ brother who had not acknowledged its existence so far, has suddenly woken up to the fact that there is an antique in the house and that it does have a little history. He wanted to know why we have it at home in the first place when no one is sewing on it. I don’t let a chance go by if it is an opportunity to brag about my skills:-) A bad habit I know! I told him I stitched salwars, skirts and blouses and loved wearing them to college. He quickly noted that he did not remember seeing me on the sewing machine even a single day. He wanted to know if I knitted him anything when he was a baby, and was disappointed to hear me say that I didn’t. With an intent of cheering him up quickly (quick reflex), told him that I was planning to revive the hobby very soon (don’t ask me how soon now! following blogs like these inspire one to tread dangerous territories:-) and that I’d knit something for him..

Maybe I said it too soon for my dear son latched on to the words: “Ma, will you sew me a nice shirt?” he asked. I declined as I had not learnt to make shirts. “A cotton trouser then?” he again. No baby, I do not know to make one. “An underwear for me at least? C’mon, it is easy to make ! I’ll help” he quickly added! This is too much of a challenge and what with my pride hurt, I promised to knit him one. The least he can do to help in the process, is wear it without a fuss and top it up with a good, ready-made one! There is no way I can I tell him not to discuss this project with friends, neighbors and sundry, lest it becomes the primary object of joke even before the design document is ready! There! I said it!


7 thoughts on “Machine Impossible?

  1. This had me laughing.Lazy vidya, learn to stitch a shirt and make one for Hari. May be you can take a week off from work 🙂

  2. LOL Vidya 🙂
    Appo kaivasam vera thozhil yeppidiyum irukkunnu sollunga 🙂
    But, its sad that you are not using yr talent 😦 people hardly know to stitch these days (including me) and rely heavily upon tailors.

  3. @Charu: I’ll finish the 1st project successfully and then take on more serious ones:)

    @Karthik:That is why the top-up-with-ready-made option. The fate will surely be like Calvin’s otherwise:-)

    @Lavanya:Thozhil irukku, client-base illaye:-) Still, need to brush up. The Plan-B if am not working full time is to work as a Chef somewhere:) Tailoring is Plan-C if Lavanya and others are willing to risk!!

  4. Reminds me of the tamil movie joke in which the kidnappers beg for money ‘konjam pottu kudunga sir vandi vechu kadathhi irukkom’ :D.
    Please learn to stitch a shirt and make one for him.

  5. Vidya,

    Thinking about it, why can’t you make him a handkerchief ?? That should be easy than an underwear 🙂

  6. Jo, all times! What to do:-) Am seeing stars already at the thought of stitching an UW. Shirt is a lill ambitious!

    Charu, I guess Vyas’s estimation of my capacity is a little high. I wish he’d asked for an handkerchief!

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