The Hidden Cameras

Last Sunday, the tea-maker promised to make tea and was waiting for his dad to wake up after his siesta. Yours truly was tea-thirsty and decided to make it myself. The dad woke up just as I was pouring the tea into the cups.

As we were having our tea, Vyas spotted his dad gazing at the different corners of the ceiling of the room we were in. “Appa, I know what you are looking at. The Hidden Cameras!”, he declared. Puzzled, the dad told him not to read too-much into anything and suggested that he probably had an over-doze of Enid Blyton or TV programs. He denied the reasons of course! And then he said, “Appa, do you know that all TV shows have hidden cameras that focus on us?” We didn’t quite comprehend what he said and looked at him questioningly. “That is how they know we are watching them”. Still clueless, I asked him what he meant.”Ayyo, have you not heard them say, ‘You are watching XXX on Disney XD- or whatever channel that is? How do they know we are watching them? They have hidden cameras watching us!'”

It dawned on us that though his talks are BIG, he is still a little kid:)

And just in case you are curious, the dad was sizing up the age of the cob-webs on the ceiling and reminding himself that it was time we added color to the home with something more than just the natural web…


9 thoughts on “The Hidden Cameras

  1. This is hilarious. The best joke I’ve heard all week. Surely they are watching us… be careful!!!! 🙂

  2. Wow !!!!!!!!!! What a logic 🙂

    //though his talks are BIG, he is still a little kid:) // yep ! these small things prove to be of some consolation – to know that they are still little and need to grow some more 🙂

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