The journey – Day-3

Day1- Plantation, Elephant-ride, Kathakali
Day 2 – Tribal Village, Kalaripayattu, B’day celebrations

It was like I’d slept just for 5 minutes when the alarm on my mobile buzzed. It was already 4.00 in the morning! How did 6 hours shrink and fit into 5 minutes?!! Knocked the other 4 rooms- a double-up wake-up call just in case the alarm did not go off in any of the rooms. By 4.50 we all were ready and waiting at the gate for the auto-rickshaws to arrive. We had collected the numbers the previous day and gave one guy a wake-up call at 4.20 AM.

We were at the check-post, 2nd in the queue, and the counter would open at 5.50 AM to issue permits. The auto drivers warned us that they’d speed into the reserve the moment the gate opens and that we should hold on to our seats as they’d not slow-down even at the speed breakers! Some of us had tea and waited for the heaven gates to open:) It did at the stroke of 6.10 AM and you must see it to believe it. The auto-race was one experience! They halt about 200 meters before the lake and from there we had to do a marathon to get to the queue quick! Jo and Aathrey were the ace sprinters who made it to the queue! After all the huffs and puffs, forms were filled and tickets were bought. KTDC issues two tickets per person and you need to fill-in a form with the contact details of the persons and Rs.40/- is charged per person. The forest department issues one ticket per person and is priced at Rs.150/- per person. We took the KTDC ones as per the advice of our expert consultants of the moment- the auto drivers!

All the trouble was worth the 1.5 hrs ride. We were lucky to spot deers, wild boars, elephants, turtles, bison, and a variety of birds!

The autos came back at 9.30 AM to pick us up and were back to the dhaba to break our fast. We packed some lunch too from the same place. At 12.00 noon, we checked-out of the resort and we were on our way to Kottayam railway station. Bookings were full for from Dindugal/Kodai Rd/Madurai and so we opted to make the return from Kottayam (its around 110 kms from Thekkady while Dindugal is around 140 kms). The ghat road was a beautiful drive.

We were at Kottayam station 3.5 hours later. The waiting room served as the lunch room too.. The train arrived a few minutes late and it was hard to believe that the journey was coming to an end…

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Author: Vidya

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4 thoughts on “The journey – Day-3”

  1. wow !!! lovely pics.. esp the elephants. How did you get that range ? but looks like you have seen at a closer distance when compared to our trip. I see some very near the lake. Awesome !

    1. Lav, the zoom in my camera worked this time:) The elephants were farther away. But we managed to hear a baby elephant trumpet on meeting another ‘elephant’ family! It was a beauty! And did you spot the turtle in one pic?

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