Block Printed Gift Wrappers

We’d been to a B’day party last evening. No, we did not make any gifts with block print, but wrapped it up in a color paper with block prints, and made a block-printed greeting card. The materials used include bitter gourd, ivy gourd, and a few pieces from a building-blocks set. Vyas did the prints for the gift wrapper and I did the one on the card as he was too sleepy:)

And so here goes our entry for this month’s artsy-crafty:


Here are the pictures:

The materials

The materials
The materials
The materials
The materials

Gift wrappers

Gift wrapper
Bitter gourd block print
Gift Wrapper
Gift Wrapper
Gift wrapper
The wrappers

The yellow one did not come out very well. I guess my fellow was feeling too sleepy already as we did this on Monday night after Varun went to bed. With him around, we could not have done a single print!

Gifts wrapped

gifts wrapped
gifts wrapped

B’day card

Block-printed Birtday Card
Block-printed Birtday Card

Vyas remembered to tell his friend and her mom that the wrappers were his product:)


10 thoughts on “Block Printed Gift Wrappers

  1. Thank you folks!

    Lavs: Passed your kudos to Vyas:)

    LR: Nope, it was at Ashok Nagar..

    Raji: Thank you… Awaiting your entry..

    CW: Thank uuuuuuuuuu..

    Uma: Feels great coming from an ace in the area of creativity!!

  2. Very very pretty. I love the card & the red wrapper looks awesomeeeeeeeee! will put these up today. Some prob with the blog. Unable to view the main page. I think i can post. But can’t check comments 😦

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