Dwarf Mask

Vyas realized at 9.30 PM on a Tuesday night that he had to prepare a mask of a dwarf (one from the Snow White story) and submit the following day. As usual, with Varun around, you cannot even lift a color pencil, let alone draw a pic or cut!

Threatening him with no help the next time around if he tells me that late about an assignment (particularly the ones that need my help), yours truly started doing it at 11.30 in the night. The following morning, I was beaming with pride at my art work and wanted Vyas to validate it. “Kanna, isn’t it wonderful?” I asked him. “Yes, ma. Its very nice. You have mixed up the faces of two of the 7 dwarfs in the book, but the result is great. But don’t boast!”, a tongue-in-cheek comment from the little man! I was left gritting my teeth!! “Try asking me to do something next time!” I muttered under my breath…

Here is what I did. No, am not trying to boast….. Believe me people!

Dwarf Mask- outline
Dwarf Mask- outline
Dwarf Face Mask
Dwarf Face Mask

10 thoughts on “Dwarf Mask

    • Thanks:) The standy supplies at home are oil pastels, posture colors, scrap book, 3 sizes paint brush, a couple of fabric colors:) Ellenna gaali!

    • CW, do we have a choice? Its either midnight or 4.30 or 5 in the morning. So I prefer staying up late than having to leave the bed that early:)

  1. You might have done this kind of work in your school days. But its amazing that you are able to hold the pencil and draw the same way so many years later!
    Great job!

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