The sinner!

IndianHomeMaker started this tag on listing 10 things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

Well, Life_Refactored has tagged me in his post on the gender stereotype. Thank you sir!! The big truth is that I conform more to the ‘stereotype’ than not! Still, here is a small list of things where I think I ‘beat’ the stereotype.

1. Did not cry during my wedding:) I was so busy enjoying my marriage that I even failed to notice one of the priests disappear! My partner did his best to induce tears, but nay! ‘Kutthu-kal’ (or Gundu-kal), he said:)

2. With a 7-month pregnant belly, took the front seat next to the driver in a speeding ambulance that was driving my dad for an emergency scan, with my husband in the rear, attending to my dad. He was left worrying about 3 lives! And I ‘offered’ my father’s body during the last rites with my uncle ‘proxy-ing’ for carrying the pot and lighting the pyre as I was still pregnant.. Wish I’d done that too..

3. The expenses during our courtship days were shared! I foot the fuel or restaurant bill once, and the next time its him. Unromantic I know, but that is how it is:)

4. I shop for clothes or jewels rather quickly. And mostly shop alone!

5. Did not wear any make-up for my wedding.

6. Dealt with a group of 5 (40 + something year old) drunken bastards calling themselves well-wishers, mustering courage to throw them out. Verbally.

7. Threw an ‘eve-teaser’ off balance when he attempted a ‘bottom slap’. He missed and instead his hand brushed against my dupatta. I gave him my dupatta and asked if he wanted to take it! A blockhead of a fellow!

8. I shamelessly oust men occupying ‘ladies seat’ in a bus.

9. Detest a public ‘show of love-and-affection’ for the partner. Despite sharing the workplace, we hardly bump into each other. I have never once been to his bay nor has he.

10. I don’t ‘nag’ my husband, specially when he is traveling out with his friends. He travels with his friends and I with mine. So we breathe peace:)

That said, I can be more easily stereotyped than fitting into the ‘sinful’ gang:)

I’m most comfortable in a saree or a salwar, like to wear elegant jewelry, love to cook, burst into tears of volcanic proportions when hormones wreak havoc. I am scared of getting behind the wheels and trust my partner the best. Am not comfortable on a pillion ride with anyone else other than him and maybe am old fashioned:) But that’s me and am comfortable in my skin!!

Now, I tag Rajendran, Lavanya, Jaya, Umavythi, Aparna, and Suganthi

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

18 thoughts on “The sinner!”

  1. 3 – Not at all unromantic, I think it’s really sweet.

    2 & 7 – courageous! I am impressed!

    You love jewelry (I love clothes) and cooking – And why not? Why not enjoy doing anything we love to do – a lot of men and women love to cook, an equal number doesn’t; some love to drive, some don’t – it has little to do with gender, more to do with social conditioning I fear 🙂

    My son makes the best mango shakes in the family, and daughter bakes the best brownies, husband a great cook (and also a very neat one!) – and I am considered a boring cook because I keep worrying about nutritive value, fibre and cholesterol 😉 I feel it matters not who is male or female 🙂

    Your courage in 6 is amazing! What happened? Do you know you could be an action hero of Blank Noise blog!? All you need to do is write about how you did 6, 7 & 8. You could also blog about these on your blog (cross posting) – women benefit from finding out that other women go through similar harassment and they learn how to deal with it and take such creeps to task.

    1. Yaay IHM! Nice to see you here, and thank you:) And did you say mango shakes and brownies? sluurppp!!! Am coming over:-)

      Yes, most tasks hardly have anything to do with the gender. Everyone at home have to pitch in a share so the boat isn’t rocking:)

      Will make separate posts on pt 6 sometime. Thanks for asking:)

  2. With practically half the blog world doing this tag, and me reading most of them, I can safely say this was one of the best I have read so far..

    Kept going back to points 2,6 and 7. Take a bow Vids..

  3. Agreed, this is the best one so far. You probably are from the ‘Incredibles’ family and yes I agree with IHM that you should blog more about how you threw them bastards. I wish you had carried a TASER with you. TASE Em all sickos.

  4. Whoa Vidya! This is like super awesome! I have only heard of most of the things you’ve put up here! Take a bow!

    As for the tag will def try coming up with something if not better! 🙂

  5. Hi Vidya,

    Thanks for the tag, and i have finally posted my post on the subject : Nothing great to your levels, but some modest ones 😉

    Have a look at it, sorry it is in tamil, please ask deepa to read it out for you, otherwise give a call, I shall do so 🙂


  6. 1.v. pro…2. courage..3 biz like..4..time mgt if for mgt..if for others..5..confidence personified..6. she male..verbal …7. sheemale.duel hooray..kt.8. not fail..element missing , y this from a shemale….scientifically proved females have better spines …what if females occupy the seat of male..u believe in gender segregation? no u…not applicable in mumbai ..did i get it wrong shemale..9.compatibility,love media attn required 10 .supportive ,understanding-key striking the right balance….10 cheers for the super spectaular sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. The gender divide is too apparent in our buses. Women have to exercise the ‘ladies seat’ option to avert harassment and abuse. The men ‘right-fully’ occupying the ladies seat are usually the young, fit folks and not old or sick men..

  7. great couple …yeh!!! hats off…. Utopian proud read…ur lines…although both of u are stars celebrity status…each to themselves…very supportive and generous in ur thinking …esp the ambulance ride and the 3 lives…k knowing u since couple of decade …u are a symbol or achievement…proof o love and filled with +ve vibes…..long live ur race….kt ….wish and sure u 2 will KT it to both the V s practical solutions to day to day issues……

  8. Just came across your blog today through Raji’s, nice work…Especially, it brought back my memories of ur dad’s ritual, both of us being pregnant around the same time, kids born a month apart and the limited good/bad times that we shared together.

    Enjoyed reading few posts and seeing many similarities between us, wish we had stayed in touch all these years. Hope you are doing good.


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