Some interesting conversations

Incident 1

Vyas: Amma, hold Varun, will you?! (angry)

Me: Just let him be dear. You carry on with what you are doing.

Vyas: Gir! (says it loudly, prolonging the ‘ra’ sound)

Me: What? What is that?

Vyas: (Rolls his eyes): Gir!

Me: Spell please. I don’t understand what you are saying.

Vyas: G. R. R…R.R.R .. (says with the dot dot dot too)

Incident 2

Vyas: I want to play for some more time. Its only 8.00 PM.

Me: No. Time up. Put all the toys back. You have some homework to do!

Vyas: Please ma!

Me: I will count till 10 by which time you should have started clearing up the mess!

Vyas: (Rolls his eyes this time too): Few!

Me: (Again) What few?

Vyas: (Gives me an angry glare, with hands on his hips and almost on the verge of crying)

Me: What are you saying?

Vyas: Do I have to spell everything I say?!

Me: (I almost got it, but just wanted to hear him say!): You better. To save some trouble for both of us!

Vyas: P.H.E.W! As if you don’t know!

Incident 3:

A conversation between Vyas and Varun

Vyas: Varun, say ‘amma’.

Varun: amma

Vyas: poochi (for insect)

Varun: thoo chi

Vyas: bathroom, sollu

Varun: thaaathm

Vyas: pongal

Varun: thannan

Me: Vyas, get him say simpler words.

Vyas: Ok. Varun, say Chakkarai Pongal.

Varun: !!! (Total silence!)

Me: (looking out for something hard to hit the elder fellow with)!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

16 thoughts on “Some interesting conversations”

  1. Thanan for Pongal-uber cute..
    Imagined Vyaas rolling his eyes..LOL on the “few” and “gir” bit- he takes after u in the wit dept i think

  2. forgot to add: remembered that “Say Checkoslovakia” ad where the dad asks his toddler to repeat after him..

    1. Aparna, CW, Alchemist: That’s a nice ad! Only diff at home is that Vyas makes sure the words are hard to repeat for a 16 month old!

  3. Oh me too Vidya… today I read 4 of your posts and am laughing laughing and laughing… felt like i spent a day with you… wonderful… Vyas gets a tight kiss.. love him.. you know.. many of these things are happening here too…

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