Navagraha is obsolete

Or that is what Vyas thinks! We’d been to a temple last week and like most temples, this one too has a corner with the navagrahas. Vyas looked up at me and asked if they represented the 9 planets. I said “yes”. “But amma, there are only 8 official planets now. Pluto is just a dwarf planet and not a ‘proper’ one. And there are 4 or 5 dwarf planets like Pluto!” he quips. Suggesting that either Pluto goes or other dwarf planets make it to the shrine:) ” A few people circumambulating the navagraha that day, heard a mom and son utter blasphemy!

In another instance, the little man had to say a few lines about himself in Hindi in his class. His Hindi teacher had instructed so! He doesn’t share Pattu’s enthusiasm (which had me in splits!) when it comes to Hindi speaking but managed this:

Vyas: “Mein badkar astronaut hokar chahtha hoon hai”
Me: “You must say: Mein badae hokar, astronaut banoonga or banna chahtha hoon!”
Vyas: “That is what I said!”
Me: “Yeah, but you must say it a little differently!”

He repeated after me like a parrot a couple of times, still wondering how different was his sentence from mine! Hope he reproduced it correctly in the class. Or its the teacher’s turn this time to listen to more blasphemy!!

I then ask him if he really wants to be one or he is just saying it to charm his tutor. He declares that he really wants to be one because he wants to find out if Chandrayan has really spotted water bodies on the moon!

Methinks that is some hope because his ambitions have come a full circle now, starting from wanting to become a ‘gate keeper’ at the railway level crossing, a ‘garbage gatherer’, an engine driver, a magician, a pilot, a scientist (because he can experiment!) and now an astronaut!

Dream on my dear, for even sky is not the limit, and show me your other avatars! Just make sure you retain the present one too:)


19 thoughts on “Navagraha is obsolete

    • Dilip, looong time! I have a feeling that adults too ‘think’ but are scared to admit or acknowledge:) I guess its the fear of being ridiculed..

  1. The Indians were so intelligent to never have included Pluto in the Navagraha and delete it later 🙂 . It has sun, moon and some planets too (totally 9 counts). Its not really planets alone, its actually major celestial bodies. Pasted here…

    Surya Navagrahastalam
    Chandra Navagrahastalam
    Angaarakan Navagrahastalam
    Budha Navagrahastalam
    Guru Navagrahastalam
    Sukra Navagrahastalam
    Shani Navagrahastalam
    Raahu Navagrahastalam
    Ketu Navagrahastalam

    And on the other score… Good luck to Vyas on becoming an astronaut 🙂 I know how kids are like to fantasise with celestial objects. Mine does 🙂

  2. Wtg Vyas! what thinking..

    as regards Pattu’s hindi, she has set a benchmark but Im happy to note Vyas is not far behind. Totally loved his version too.

    and Vyas like your amma says, even the sky isn’t the limit.. spread ur wings and fly high!! all the best child..

  3. Aaha.. ippave ippadi yosikkaraane.. innum enna enna vellaam pannaporaaano!
    Nurture that flame well Vidya. Good luck.

  4. Vyas, kalakkare po 🙂 ivan vayasukku ivalo padichi purinjurukkaane 🙂 great 🙂 Vidya, its up to you two to boost him up more 🙂 All the best 🙂

    • Lavs, Hema: Richard Dawkins, James Randi and their tribe have corrupted me to a large extent:) So when challenged with questions on religion or mythology, I mostly draw a blank and the usual answer is : Kelvi kekkaradhu romba easy. badhil solli paaru theriyum (echoing that joke by Kamal Hassan):) I tell him that once he grows up, we’ll find out the answers together! Escape!

  5. Super post! What logical thinking from Vyas!

    And my daughters Hindi also has me in splits and I just can’t figure out how to explain the grammar to her…I gues speaking it oftener will help!

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