Some Lessons

Lesson 0:Stop explaining everything!

Vyas: Ma, let us move to LNT Estansia.
Me: Why? Its too far away.
Vyas: Estansia has everything within; school, hospital, shopping mall!! Just on the other side of the window!

I tried telling him that it was some kind of an optical illusion! Would hear none of it. And went on to explain the ‘other benefits’!

Lesson 1: Don’t act smart with kids!

Was doing some grammar exercises with him. This time, it was my turn to do a “WHY?” to him and hoped for a sweet revenge.

Me: What are proper nouns?
Vyas: Names given to common nouns, and they start with a capital letter.
Me: What are common nouns?
Vyas: It names places, people, or things.
Me: Why are proper and common nouns called so?
Vyas: Simple. Because they are either proper or common! (A bulb moment for me)

Lesson 2: Learn to communicate to pint-sized elves!

Me: Let us try some plurals
Vyas: (stooping and resting his cheek on his right palm, eyes partly closed, a false snore- to say its a boring exercise)
Me: I will ask you to spell out a few words in between. Okay?
Vyas: (Still the same expression, and no response).
Me: Okay, Fairy.
Vyas: Okay Fairies
Me: Shelf
Me: Luggage
Vyas: Luggage
Me: Furniture
Vyas: Furniture
Me: Spell
Vyas Spells
Me: I mean, spell the word (I raise my voice to imply I was not impressed)
Vyas: Then you must say it clearly like this: Spell the word <say the word>. Example: Spell the word Furniture.

So much for trying to be responsible!!

Lesson 3: Don’t expect credit.

I looked at him intently, trying to make him conscious. Its a game I often play with him and love to see him blush! Silly I know..

Vyas: Ammmmaaa! Why are you looking at me like that?
Me: I have a doubt da!
Vyas: Ayyo, what is it? (knowing what was coming)
Me: How come you are so cute da?!
(At which point, if the father is around will impart a little gyan saying : Kaakkai-kku thann kunju, porkunju – meaning even a crow finds its own child precious. Hell yes! Why not?!)
Vyas: (Goes arggghhh…, rolls his eyes, shrugs.. a big build up really) Because am cute!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

16 thoughts on “Some Lessons”

  1. >> I looked at him intently, trying to make him conscious. Its a game I often play with him and love to see him blush! Silly I know..

    poor vyas! you are silly pure evil !!!

  2. did he not do the G.R.R.R this time.. but im actually liking all of this.. getting ready for when my time comes 🙂
    Vyas is a rockstar:)

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