The lullaby

Its surprising how some things that we learn, hear, or see as a child, stays with us for life. Like this song for instance, where words from the 1st stanza just flowed out from the remote recesses of my memory (which the partner thinks is positively absent!). I remember singing along as a kid when it was relayed on Vividh Bharathi (in Bengaluru).

Baana daariyalli surya jaari hodha,
Chandra mele bandha
Minagu taare anda
nodu entha chanda
raatri aaythu malagu nanna putta kandha
nanna putta kandha

I remember it continuing into some lines like this:

Neenaado mathella huvinnanthe,

Googled for the lyrics and found the following part, but still think something is missing. Welcome help from Bengaluru gals/guys!

Aa deva namagaagi thandha siriye
ee maneya sowbhagya
ninna nageye
maguve nee sakkareya gombeyanthe
haayagi nagu nanna jaaNa mariye

Why all this effort you ask? Varun was apparently bored listening to ‘baa, baa, blacksheep’ as a ‘makeshift’ lullaby and started putting his fore-finger to my lips saying – choooo. Meaning ‘Quiet!’!  When I switched gears and doled out this lullaby, he seemed to like it and looks like this will hold out for a couple of weeks:)  More ‘chooo’ from the kid will mean his graduating to ‘only stories’. Let him choose!


6 thoughts on “The lullaby

  1. Not a direct help. Next in line you can try the pledge as lullaby of course… “All Indians are my brothers and sisters …” just for the look on his face 😀

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