As long as you love me

One of the primary reasons for our moving into the city from a peaceful suburb was to expose our child to arts, music, sports, and such activities that are available in plenty in and around the city schools. I used to visualize Vyas dutifully slinging a violin or a mridungam across his chest and enthusiastically attending the music classes with ‘like-minded’ friends.

A mini-research after moving into the city suggested that as he was just 3, the best place to start was the Shloka class. He was promptly enrolled in one with his paatti for company. Yes, she enrolled herself for a course for the adults. After 1 and a half years and two competitions (Sahashranamam and Gita) later, he announced without mincing words that he did not like it and would not continue with the classes. His Guru had a different opinion and insisted that we continue because he was really good at at. But Vyas takes after his mom in certain things. A NO is a NO.

We agreed and pulled him off the class but on the condition that he try any of the instruments- Violin, Tabla, Mridangam, Flute… He opted the Keyboard. After a few months into the course, we even got him a good Yamaha Keyboard at home to practice. It took an year this time to decide that it was not for him. He found it ‘boring’. I was very disappointed. No, not because I had very high expectations of him and wanted him to be a star. I wanted and still want him to learn and appreciate music for the sheer joy it gives. Like reading books. A little bit of coaxing to learn vocal music was answered with a glare and ‘how-can-you-do-this-to-me’ look. We gave up.

And then one day, very recently, like a spell of rain in hot summer, I saw the little man with the earphones plugged in, tapping away his fingers, with a gentle sway to his gait, singing in a low voice, oblivious of 2 pairs of eyes fixed on him. I went close and tapped his shoulders and asked him what was playing. He took out the ear-phones and asked , ‘what ma, what do you want. say it quickly!’. “Which song is that?”, I asked. “‘As long as you love me‘ ma. From Backstreet Boys.” and plugged the wire back into his little ears. He took them out again and said, ‘Ma, I also like ‘You are the music in me”. “Is it from the same album”, I asked. ‘That one is from ‘Highschool Musicals'”. Thank you!!

You are the music in me. And I will always love you! You put a boom boom into my heart!

PS: He picked it up from his cousin Varsha. Its nice to see the dad and son listening to the same number, with the same earphones, one plugged into both their ears.

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

10 thoughts on “As long as you love me”

  1. I studied carnatic music and dance too. BUt I have no interest and I would not be able to perform any of them today.
    I mean whatever he is interested…!!! Maybe he will discover in future something he really enjoys and loves, and then, it would be “music” in your household with him shining… 🙂
    Good Luck Vyas!

  2. I guess kids will try all and get bored soon and then as they grow up they might be hooked to something!

    So, is he learning anything else right now? into some sport? what is he interested in ?

    1. Was into Tennis for an year, then drawing, and now Taichi… Am expecting him to cover another 7 or 8 different arts by the time he is out of school:) Jack of all arts you call it?

  3. I went to Carnatic music classes for seven years and I cannot sing properly! I told my parents numerous times that I did not like it but they forced me to go… 😥

    I liked Mridangam classes but after two years that became boring too…With this background I think I can add my two cents…instead of quitting classes…you should try switching the teacher for Vyas…each class group/teacher has a pace…maybe vyas is a quick learner and he feels bored singing/playing the same song

    1. You give me hopes:) I’m not sure yet about his ‘pace’ but he did find the keyboard vadhiyar boring- ‘same notes everyday!’ he said.

  4. Sometimes we take time to develop a “hear” for good music. But the initial attempt to learn is worth the effort to appreciate it later on.


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