Its tantrums all the way!

Having decided to check out the MAX showroom at Luz Corner, Mylapore, my sis, Aashi, Varun and I happily ventured into the shop on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Varun trotted along pulling random stuff from the counters and generally tiring Aashi. Miss Aashi was found rolling her eyes too often and thought it was a bad idea to bring Varun along:)

A sale was on and I was checking out some Tees for Varun. I put a nice Tee against his shoulder to check the size when the fellow grabbed it and was trying hard to remove the one he was wearing. “Amma, thathe! idhu!” (shirt in his parlance) he said and insisted that I change his dress! I said no and put it back in the shelf and turned around to find the little brat squatting on the floor and squealing hard and loud! The first public show-down had happened! Would have given him a tight slap if he was a little older! Managed to distract him with something else in the store and we quickly shopped and came out. Aashi was the happiest person to get out of the shop 🙂

The kiddi-bank was in a safe haven for long and as luck would have it, the little fellow caught site of the hidden Winnie half his size and made a demand right away. A no was answered again with loud bawling and vigorous head-shaking. Am sure our neighbors thought that we spanked the child hard. Distractions didn’t work this time. When he was told that he’ll not get anything if he cries and that he must ask for it ‘properly’, he ‘switched off’ his bawling tactics and uttered a loud ‘thaaa’ (meaning ‘give’).

He hits his anna hard on his back and beckons him to their room to pull out a toy. It has to be only his anna. The anna is often too engrossed in a mystery the secret 7 are about to crack and learns his lesson the hard way; the book goes flying if he does not respond to his brother’s cries. “Anna, adhu” he would say pointing at his anna’s nose even if the object of his desire is in the opposite corner of the room:) “Edhu da”, the anna would bellow, angry at being shaken out of a reverie where he is one of those 7 hunting down a smuggler!

His chitthy (my sis), in all good intentions, decided to take this little bundle for a walk. Varun quickly got his ‘pappals’ (his shoes) and insisted that his chitthy wear ‘pappals’ too. She quickly slipped into my footwear that was near the door and stepped out. Another loud dharna this time and it took a minute to realize that the protest was against her wearing my slippers. “Amma pappal”, he cried and continued to stomp his tiny feet till she changed into her’s!

Mend your ways young man, or you’ll see a different mommy!


4 thoughts on “Its tantrums all the way!

  1. lol. my sis’s kid follows this strategy – between demanding for something and throwing a tantrum she puts up an innocent face and goes ‘pleeeaze’. it works with almost all of us except her mom, who goes mad when we give in to her ‘please’. she thinks we are spoiling her. how do you say no to a one-and-a-half year old who says please?

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