Hinglish Conversation

Vyas’s worst nightmare at this stage of his life is Hindi learning. He somehow feels that its a high level conspiracy in which the school and his mommy are on the same side. Breaking this mental block is the immediate challenge am faced with now!

Am convinced that language learning is very easy when young, and constant exposure to the language is the only big MUST. I’ve been insisting that we speak in Hindi every day for at least 15 minutes so that he is able to appreciate the language. So far, the communication has been one-sided and no prizes for guessing who has been doing the talking! I pulled him up a couple of days back for not making an effort and that he was making things difficult for himself. And unleashed my usual bit on attitude: If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you are right!

“I can’t” he retorted. I made it clear that the option I was suggesting was the easiet thing to do and it will mean no tuition classes which many children are forced to undertake. And that, he has the option to choose an external tutor or, heed to his mom and learn it the easy way by changing his approach and attitude to the subject at hand! After a little thought he put forth a proposal. That we should speak in Hindi but interspersed with English words so that he can easily comprehend. I must gradually mute the English words and switch to the Hindi equivalent! Wah beta, wah! I agreed to the deal.

During one such ‘Hinglish’ conversation, I told him, “Teek se bath karo”. “Amma, now this is confusing. Are you talking about the Hindi ‘baath, or English ‘bath?” Arrrghhhhh….. Philosophizing helps during tough times. And I tell myself- This too shall pass….


8 thoughts on “Hinglish Conversation

  1. Why do you want him to learn spoken Hindi ? Lots of kids do well in the Hindi language paper at school without knowing any spoken Hindi

    • Communicating in a language you learn is the real world application isn’t it? What’s the use of learning something to just empty everything in a paper and refill again? That said, how easy is it to learn a language when you treat that as a burden? Learn to enjoy is what I tell him:) Dismiss the response if you you find it ‘mokkai’ material:)

  2. Am convinced that language learning is very easy when young, and constant exposure to the language is the only big MUST

    Language learning is very simple beyond teen ages, when having a girl friend who speaks the language is the is the only big MUST. What he could have learned with all eagerness & in a fun way, you are forcing upon him. 😉

    Jokes apart, I keep mentioning you as a bad example whenever the topic comes up, for opting Hindi instead of Tamil for Vyas.

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