Is it the mind or the heart?!!

Mothers are a weird lot I guess… How else will you explain a mom feeling rueful just because her 1.5yr old baby happily plants 3 kisses, two on the cheeks and one on the nose, and happily bids good bye when the mom leaves to work? It used to make the mommy sad when the little baby held on to her, cried profusely, and refused to let go. But this ‘quiet understanding’ parting, albeit for 10 hours, makes her sadder. Is it because the little pair of eyes that see her leave, have a different story to share?

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

5 thoughts on “Is it the mind or the heart?!!”

  1. Aw girl, mothers are upset with clingy kids, they are also upset with understanding mature kids who says, go to office mommy 🙂 I know how it feels like.
    Make a phone call in the afternoon and let him hear your voice 🙂 Maybe you will feel better.

  2. @Swaram: Yep Swar, its special:)
    @AL: Same boat na?
    @Hema: Guess we are nuts, bolts, cotton and sponge:)
    @PV: Kids seem to grow up too fast if you are a working mom!

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