Shri Jayanthi

Vyas offered to don the role of Balarama this time and his little brother was Krishna. Wanted to make two nice crowns for the brothers but could not manage to put them together despite the raw materials being readily available at home:( Two silk towels (anga-vasthrams) served as bright colorful turbans with a peacock feather stuck in it. Vyas was coaxed into wearing the panchakajam and turban. How else will thambi be inspired to wear?! Varun was too happy to pose for the camera but was equally in a great hurry to pull down his tiny make-over. A bespectacled Balarama and kutti Krishna were quite a sight!

Sweets and savories for Shri Jayanthi is an elaborate affair at the V household. Paatti (my MIL), in the name of Krishna, made these:

Seedai (sweet and salt variety), Thattai, Mullu murukku (Maghizhampu or manooppu as some call it), Thaenkuzhal, Rava laddoo, Maa laddoo (Moong dhal flour and sugar), Navaneetham (butter with sugar and cardomom), Aval payasam, Appam and Vadai! Yours truly’s contribution was murukku, appam, vadai, and the simple kolam. Thatha contributed to the seedai while kollu paatti supervised the whole affair. Her only regret was that we did not make Kadalai urundai (peanuts burfi) and she is only 82. ‘Operation Kadalai-urundai’ has been ‘definitely’ deferred for this weekend!

PS: (For those interested)Tried a new recipe for appam and it came out well. Will post the recipe in the cookery blog next week!


8 thoughts on “Shri Jayanthi

  1. Aww they look so so cute 🙂 God bless the brothers 🙂

    I am drooling @ the mention of the snacks – all of it has gotten over @ home 😦 😦 Waiting to prepare a set for Ganesh Puja and savour them now lol 🙂

  2. Kutti Krishnan looks awesome. Seems to be slurrping something when you shot the pic??

    BTW the menu romba chinnadhaa irukke? Innum 48.248 items missing’a irukke.. list anuppava..?

  3. Balarama & Krishna are so adorable!!!

    We got krishnar accessories and all from India but we couldn’t make Hobbes sit quietly for a photo session…he was doing his best to get out of the costume…..:)

  4. Kids look very cute – full marks to you for dressing them up with Pullanguzhal, Thogai and everything !

    Indha Bakshana list thevaiya ?? Why don’t you send Bakshanams to loyal readers instead ?

  5. @Swaram: Thanks for blessing the kids! There is no dearth of festivals alwa? Next few months are promising:)

    @Titaxy: Do come over!

    @LR:He had just finished smudging the ‘maakkolam’ (rangoli and the krishna foot-prints). Reg. the menu, idhe dhaan naanum sonnen. Ketta dhaane. You see, Krishna loves all this:) All of us at home are born foodies. So, the festival is just an excuse:)

    @ Me: Thanks! Getting the kids wear one extra piece of accessory is a feat! Varun had it on just till I finished clicking pics. He seems to love the camera and is ready to pose anytime!

    @ Hema: Dhank you! Getting the elder one wear the dhoti was trying and the ‘responsible anna’ reason worked:) MIL’s Thattai and appam were this year’s highlights!

    @PV: The pullanguzhal is a couple of connector pens stuck together. Vyas’s idea:) Most of you guys/gals are on the other side of the world! That is why the ‘Virtual Bakshanams’!!

    @ Pallavi: MIL made a couple of items the previous day- meant for ‘local’ distribution! The rest were made in small quantities. The dad & grandpa pitched in by keeping the little one at bay;)

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