Attitude or Luck?

Was talking to Vyas on how our efforts reflect in our work, and picked his recent test scores in the class tests as an example. Given the phobia he has for Hindi, he scored a decent 85%! This served as an example for the hard work he had put in, where it was more of a mental barrier that we had to break. On the day he took the Hindi test, he called me up to say that it was ‘dabba easy’ and that he’d score over 95%. I told him it didn’t matter if he scored less in the subject because I know he had put in his best effort and that he must not feel disappointed or build opinions around his score! As luck would have it, he scored lesser than he expected and I assured him that we’ll work a little more harder next time!

He had an excellent score in another subject and I attributed the reason again to his hard work plus his attitude towards the subject. This formula would work for just about any subject, I opined. Just when I think that my boy is a ‘balanced person’, he sends me rolling down a hill with something that isn’t quite like him! He appeared to give the formula a serious thought and a few seconds later he declared that he scored well in that particular paper because he closed his eyes and blew the lucky hair (from his eyelashes), wishing for a good score in the test! The boy is jinxed I tell ya! From where do the elves learn these? How can we make them ‘unlearn’? I felt like shaking him up thoroughly.

“Its in the mind. You liked what was taught in the subject, you enjoyed doing your lessons. You kept thinking that you must do well in the subject even as you were blowing that hair. Its the ‘positive attitude’ and it always works”, I reasoned. ‘No ma, its the power to wish. To wish for something to come true”, theorizes the man. “Its almost the same”, I say. “No ma, it brought me good luck. Really. You can try. Ippo, for example, wish that your manager doesn’t get annoyed if you go to work a little late”, he pouts. Now I wonder if it was his effort or he really got lucky with the questions! My impossible brat!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

13 thoughts on “Attitude or Luck?”

  1. They say that a flaw is what makes a human being beautiful. Don’t just make him too perfect.. For all you know he would probably have mumbled.. ‘incorrigible mom’ when read your post

    1. Oh LR! He is far from perfect. Like me! Sollaradhu en kadamai! Amma madhiri asada illama, porupuppa irukkanumennu dhaan:) Just trying to make him think. That’s all!

  2. Hey! He is making statements right out of Personality Dev books ‘the power to wish. To wish for something to come true…’.
    Vyas: Kalakkara da. Super!

  3. Your calling his 85% as decent is very scary, honestly. I agree on the dog eat dog world and competition et all but when the hell did 85% become decent?

    I find it more important for you to admit 85% is a great score for any subject. That wish part will go away as he grows and learns magic does not exist.

    1. Dilip, you got me wrong! The score is decent in the sense that it was much better than expected. He had a higher expectation! Given his apathy for the language, even 60 is great! His score is like IAS/IPS std for me:) And am in fact scared he’d ask me what I scored when I was 8!! Am not a ‘marks are everything’ mom. I would like my son to enjoy learning and be competitive and not give up without trying. Btw, going by the current standards of the moms this generation, 85 is yesterday’s 40! Kids his age go to tuition classes, parents exchange and compare notes, and much else happens. That really is scary!

  4. Let the kid be !

    Logical reasoning is only a part of life – the positive vibes one feels from seemingly random events shouldn’t be dismissed simply because there is no scientific explanation for such things !

    Adulthood with its inherent cynicism/rationality/causality theories will come soon enough

    1. Adhaan eppadiyo, positive-a think panna sari-nnu vittutene! The fellow will wax eloquent on positive thinking when it comes to getting ready for school in the morning, doing everything at a snail’s pace. When I yell at him saying he’ll run late, he’ll come back with, ‘positive-a think pannu maa’!! And he gets lucky!

  5. Padikardhu hardwork…

    exam la padichadhu vandha good lucku…padikaadhadhu vandha bad lucku…

    cha…yengayoo poita da Me…[neenga solla maateengala adha dhaan naaney]

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