Navarathi is a time of ‘give and take’:)

My MIL and I love to hoard the golu-bommais every Navarathri. We’ve been hopping houses and its been a different experience every year. Peace prevailed the last few seasons. With Varun doing a ‘dhamaal’ and ‘achhi’ of every object that gets in his way, am guessing Diwali would set in much earlier in the V household- another house this time:)

Few pics from last year’s golu where the bommais spent 10 peaceful days:

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The husband says we’ll have just a ‘sample’ golu with just one top row! Me says “NO!”. The little one might surprise us by prostrating in front of the golu a dozen times through the day, and be nice by inviting all his girl friends (the youngest of them being 4 yrs old, and his best friend 13 yrs old) over for sundal! And maybe reduce one or two to clay/pulp which is ok. Wat say?

Author: Vidya

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8 thoughts on “Golu”

  1. Oh yes. Thatz abs fine πŸ™‚
    Err cn I come over for Sundal too pls – I luvvvv it πŸ™‚

    Navratri and arranging golu is something I luvvv too. We head to Blr almost every yr and all I do is join hands with Amma πŸ™‚
    We hv the same man-wife pair, the ‘kalyanam’ set too πŸ™‚ luvvved ur venna krishna πŸ™‚ Very very cute πŸ™‚

  2. Nice sets of ‘Bommais’! I too love the Golu. Last year contrary to our apprehensions V was very well behaved and helped us in arranging the Bommais. I began dreaming of a ‘dream’ Golu this year. But guess with the oncoming ‘big event’ we have to restrict ourselves to one row or just the kalasam:( You go ahead and let the little one indulge…and maybe you can share the experience with me so that I can be careful next year;)

  3. Very beautiful! I’ve never kept Golu in my life. My mum never used to do it, and neither does my MIL. I hope, that one day, I am able to do this in my own house.

  4. @Swaram: Welcome! If you make it on a Friday, there will be a yummy rice-jaggery puttu:) The venna-krishna and vasudeva carrying krishna in the basket are my fav in this collection:)

    @Hema: Yeah, maybe you should take it a little easy this time:) Next year, you’ll have ‘additional’ help:! Will keep you posted on the extent of damage this year:)

    @Pallavi: Aah! Why not start this year? Aapka ‘Munna’ sabko ‘appal’ khilayega!

    @Me:Got to see how it goes this year! Am hoping we will just need to do some cosmetic surgery on few dolls post the Golu:!

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