Kolla and Kulla in Convo

Varun’s ‘thozhi-ponnu’ in recent times is the Kollu Patti (KP). KP will give anything to hear the little one seek her out calling Kalla, Kalla all the time and for the unconditional kisses he gives her every night before going to bed!

Two standard conversations between these two generations among the other ‘arguments’ they have:

Varun: kallla, kallla…. (calling paatti)

Kollu paatti (KP): Yenna da chella raja? (what is it my prince?)

Varun: Thochoo. kachhee (complains of a mosquito bite)

: Baa, kaale neetu (Come, stretch you legs)

Varun: (Takes position in front of patti and gladly stretches out his legs). Kallaa, adhu, idhu, adhu, idhu …(alternates his legs every second even before paatti does a single stroke!)

Kolla paatti and Varun
Kolla paatti and Varun


: Maaavuuuu, enge kaanom (KP has christened him thus, because she thinks he’z that ‘colour’!)

Varun: Dhaa ikke (Runs on his toes to KP)

: Raja, sollu (say Raja)

Varun: Aajaa

KP: Kooja

Varun: Voooja

KP: Pattu

Varun: Thattu

KP: Thattu

Varun: Patthu

KP: Vandu

Varun: Andhu

KP: Gundu

Varun: Dhundhu


Thatha says Onnu, Rendu asking Varun to repeat after him. His version of the numbers in Tamizh is:


Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

8 thoughts on “Kolla and Kulla in Convo”

  1. @Pallavi: Thanks. Hope I get to tell stories of my grand-kids too;)

    @ Charu: Yeah, padu cute-a sollaran! Idhule anna corrections vera!

    @ Titaxy: Sometimes I doubt if they are mine:)

    @Uma: A nice phase isn’t it?

    @Swaram: Thanks.. Welcome anytime:)

  2. Hey Vidya
    There is really something about Kollu Paatis and kids. That rubbish about generation gap does not exist when kids are this stage.
    My Sonny also shares a great relationship with his Kollu and it’s almost like two children talking and playing together.
    Both enjoy each other’s games, company, talk equally.
    I guess all this works well because they treat each other as equals.
    But honestly you’ve got it all down to a pat and it made very “identifiable-with” reading for me πŸ™‚
    Cheers and thanks for bringing on the smiles

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