Sad lad!

Vyas gives me at least one call after he is back from school to ask if he can have a chocolate, skip his taichi class, or to share some exciting ‘school news’ that cannot wait till the evening! I usually do not call home when am at work because the moment I hear my babies speak, I’d want to apparate and be at home cuddling them!

I had to call up the other day to pass on some info to my FIL when Vyas answered the phone. He sounded morose and damp and wouldn’t say anything. He remained sullen even after I’d reached home and that had me worrying. He kept saying ‘nothing’ when asked if anything was wrong, and was not making an eye-contact. A transparent film on his eyes convinced me that something had gone wrong and he was finding it difficult to discuss. Either he had wronged or he was wronged.. Was probably ashamed of something he’d done or someone had hurt him real bad! Any attempt at trying to cheer him up was met with insolence, much unlike him!

I assured him that he need not share the incident with me if he felt bad/sad about it and I wouldn’t ask him too. Just that he must remember not to repeat if he had done something bad. On the other had, if he felt that someone had behaved badly with him, he must thrash it out with the person, expressing that it was bad and that it really hurt him.


He didn’t say anything, but continued to keep at his book, busy making dog ears out of its corners. And then I heard him mutter that it was all ‘A’s doing, but never gave away anything more. So something between him and his friend A. Resolvable!

It pained me to see Vyas so dull and quiet and sad and wanted to make him feel better. A’s mom and I are often in touch. She’s a nice cheerful, resourceful person. Without Vyas’s knowledge, I called her and fed her on how things were on Vyas’s side of the world. She promised to do some homework and help me crack the puzzle.

I received her call the next morning after Vyas left to school and not one, but there were two reasons for my son to feel sad! That, I guess has to wait for the next post! Meanwhile, any guesses?

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

9 thoughts on “Sad lad!”

    1. @Laddu: ummmm:) πŸ™‚

      @Swaram: Yeah, he is back in form:)

      @LR: Lol! Nice guess, but there is no romance this time:)

      @ Titaxy: Yes, the moment I get 20-30 mins of computer time tomm..

      @TPL: Hah! Nice guess again. But the fallout of the episode is something similar. Vyas and A haven’t bridged the gap well yet!!

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