Kaakka Uuusssh

Coconut oil bottle, wet soap, water, anna’s spectacles, knife, scissors, mixie-jar, markers and sketch pens, crayons, poster colors and other paints, to mention a few, are the objects of lust for the 1.5 year old.. Most waking hours are spent doing a *’kaakka uushh’ of one or many of these things from Varun and he continues to stare for a minute in the direction in which we pretend to hurl an object. He then waves his tiny hands saying, ‘kaanan pocheee’ (disappeared).

The other day, he wanted to do an urgent su-su and insisted that I take him to the loo quickly, which I did. After accomplishing the task, refusing to wear his underwear, he ran out and continued to dodge me. I pointed at his bum and told him that mosquitoes will bite him there if he does not wear. He pondered over the matter for 2 seconds and quickly covered his bum with both his hands and said, ‘Kaakka Ussshhu’ !!!

Kaakkaa Usshhu

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

11 thoughts on “Kaakka Uuusssh”

  1. First things first, Kaakka Uuusssh brought in a lot of memories with my li’l sis and cousins [Not so li’l anymore *sniff* *wail*]
    Off to read the post nw πŸ™‚

  2. @Sri: Yes, they mostly learn from us..

    @Swaram: Looks like I must be more wary:)

    @Charu: Ippo sweet dhaan. Paapom!

    @Pallavi: Like mommy methinks;)

    @Titaxy & Me: The day will come:)

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