The Verdict

While most of India was tuned in to television channels for news on the awaited judgment, Vyas had his own concerns.

Dad: I think we may have to call off our trip..

Vyas: No appa, please. Let us not cancel the tickets, pleeeaaaseee!!

Dad: If it were only the 3 of us, we can probably risk. What if we get stranded somewhere? Thambi is too small.. and….

Vyas: That is negative thinking!! Be positive!

Dad: Its not that. Certain things are beyond our control or reasoning.. You will understand when you grow up.

Vyas: I know. What is so confusing about the case though? All they need to do is give equal rights to both!

Dad & Mom (jaws dropped): But… yeah, you are right and hope everything is fine… how did you know?

Vyas: I asked thatha. He told me there is this dispute. I think the place should be shared. Aditya (his 10 yr old cousin) thinks that the government must convert it into a farm land and feed the poor..

Me: Both your ideas are good, but right now we have no control over it. We’ll see if we can advance the travel by a day. If we are able to book the travel, we go. Okay?

Vyas: Cha! Can’t they postpone the whole thing to the next week, after we are back?!!

National interest for an 8.5 yr old is for now an item on the ‘larger’ agenda! Peace prevailed even at the V house. We advanced the trip (Pollachi and Valparai) by a day and were back this morning. Vyas, a little disappointed at the thought of 4 days slipping by so fast observed: ” Ma, its cheating”. “What now? Who cheated you?”, I asked failing to make a connection. “This TIME ma.. It moves fast when we are away from Chennai but crawls when we are here, specially when there is school!”. “Or work” I added! The other disappointed folks were Arnab Goswami, Barkha and their kind albeit for different reasons:)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

11 thoughts on “The Verdict”

  1. To each one his / her own!:) Kiddos know how to live their life amidst all chaos… Sadly when we grow up we loose track! wish we could stop growing after a certain age!

    We have similar thoughts – both on the verdict and the time flying :))

  2. Arnab Goswami !!! urgghh.. i hate that prick. BTW The farmland solution was awesome! All the while I was thinking Disneyland. eh.. who is the kiddo?

  3. I luv the way he and Aditya thought abt it 🙂
    I agree with u Vyas. Even here, weekdays crawl and weekends fly 😛 😛

  4. @Sri: Vyas says- same pinch:)

    @LR: ‘Prick’ rightly describes the guy! Aditya is my S-I-L’s son:) Lol on Disneyland!! Btw, why no updates on K and N?

    @Me: ‘Light-bulb’ moments as these make it to the blog.. Mathapadi paiyyan elder Vs madhiri somberi dhaan:)

    @PV: KPV thanks sollaran!

    @Pallavi: And it took the judiciary so long..:) Maybe they need kids to be on the panel for a fair & fast trial!!

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