Loo Tale

While animated conversations with inanimate objects is not new among toddlers, its odious to watch(to put it mildly), Varun insisting on saying a loving ‘bye-bye, *hadha nadhe’ to the last bit of poo and pee disappearing down the drain when washing his bums! Bidding adieu, or blowing a kiss to the extra dark or frighteningly pale lizards awkwardly clinging to the walls seems relatively okay!

With the Pollachi ‘Gobi Chilli 65’ doing the job for my little bajji-lover, the more fervently he bid good bye, the more the poo kept coming, sapping amma’s energy more than her baby’s!!

Thanks to whoever discovered the black-tea with lemon and thachi mammu solution!!!

* hadha nadhe – ‘Have a nice day‘ in his parlance!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

10 thoughts on “Loo Tale”

  1. How could you!!! Vidya.. such excruciating detail… uaaah! I meant the palli!!! eh eh eh…and I hate them

      1. @ Titaxy: Thaanku. Hadhe nadhe!

        @ Me: Ummm… waiting waiting πŸ™‚

        @ Pallavi: Amma apparently needed an electrolyte drink… Yeah, all well:)

        @ LR: What to do! Kannu ellam theriyarudhe!! πŸ™‚

        @ Swar: Telepathy?!!

  2. Gosh, I can’t believe you were able to write in such detail coz when I try, I end up feeling odd and give up. Loved the openness with which you write what is happening and hope you continuing doing this daily. It’s great fun to read your posts.

    1. I understand pp stories are hard to write, specially in connection with food:) You are going to axe me for this:)!! Am glad you like them posts:)

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