A Wish

When unpacking the Golu-bommai dabbas that had descended from the attic, opened a box that contained few old books and diaries gathering dust over the last few years. I found a notebook in which I’d penned some poems during school days. There were some thoroughly kiddish ones, most reflecting the mood in keeping with those times, few too philosophical (:)), some childishly delightful or sad ones! Sharing one from that collection which I think I wrote like about a 150 years back!

To be a star

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

8 thoughts on “A Wish”

    1. @ Titaxy, Alchemist: Thank you:)

      @ Me: Reading LOTR makes you want to believe ‘being ancient is cool’!

      @ Chocolate:

      Oh! those were in the days of yore
      In bloom when you are all jejune
      To even scribble something like ere
      Is either diarrhea or a brain gone sore!

      @ Pallavi: Dhanku!

      @ All : Warning- Intend sharing (to bore you guys) a few more from that notebook.

  1. Cool KT! I have a few written by you with me… will tell you which ones by tomorrow 🙂 Probably you should think of writing more and publishing a book – its worth the effort 🙂 You rock!

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