A Kolam – step by step

One of the kolams in the previous post:


Let me know if you tried/liked it..

PS: Edited to upload a pic of the original kolam (fyki- TPL!), with a very slight variation:


Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

12 thoughts on “A Kolam – step by step”

    1. @ TPL: Nandri! Have uploaded the pic of the kolam i did during the fest..

      @ Titaxy: Its a kind of stress-buster for me. My work desk, the writing board, papers around me are often subjected to severe torture:)

      @ Me: Cool! Adhu romba periya vishayam!

      @ Chocolate:Friends ippadi usupethi usupethi dhaan this blog was born:) Idea is nice. Let me do few kolam posts for a starter:)

      @ Swar: Remember to share the pics!

  1. I used to put so many nice rangolis, when I was in Bangalore, as we get so much space to put it. But after coming down to Mumbai, it is apartment system and very rarely I use it.

    Very nice

    1. Nice find TPL! Beautiful kolams and colours and patience! I did the one on top on a rough paper using a board marker and scanned to upload! I prefer the ones without dots because the dots always seem to travel from Chandni Chowk to China, unless its on a paper:) And the other thing about free-hand kolams are that you can yield to your imagination and extend the kolams at will:))

  2. I have never tried a kolam as I am very very bad at replicating or drawing even the simplest designs. Your kolam looks artistic, can’t imagine trying to make something so beautiful on my own. Wish I could though.

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