Afflictions – Causes and Cure

Me: Did you empty the snack-box today?

Vyas: No.

Me: Why?

Vyas: It had too many pieces of apple. I could not eat.

: But why? I manage to eat 2 or even 3 apples during snack time at work and here you are, sulking to eat just half an apple!

Vyas:That is because you have all the time in the world and I don’t. I have work to do.

Me to self: Serves you right!!

Vyas: I hate Hindi!

Me: Am tired of you hating it!

Vyas: Chumma eppoparu ling-badhlo, vachan-badhlo nnu!

Me: Dei! Tell me an alternative. We’ll go with that.

: I’d like to study Greek instead!



: What happened? You are looking dull?

: Nothing (says it with a drawl).

: You look a little tired. Are you feeling sick or something?

: Not sick actually. Nothing…

: Any problem at school? Were you an ‘outstanding’ student anytime this week?

: Yes, I have a problem with school. The class room in the 3rd floor is a bad idea. I’m tired!

: Hey, but you guys are the seniors in the block. So you need to be on the top floor right?

: Exactly! That is why am not complaining.. Just that there is a lot of writing too…

Oh yes! I was listening to somebody else all this while!!!


Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

19 thoughts on “Afflictions – Causes and Cure”

  1. I realised two years back that the boy is quite strong in reasoning. So most of the time I meekly accept whatever he says. BTW whose genes are in action here ;)!?

    1. @ Chocolate: Yes, if you say so! He’ll erect a temple for you if he gets to read this comment. So, I will do my best to hide it:)

      @ Swapna: Aah! You too! You don’t agree with him, do you?!!

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