My Little Tom Bombadil!

The lights are switched off when the entire household is tired and game to hit the bed. It is a sign of dawn for the little Tom Bombadil of our house! He begins by summoning everyone he knows starting from thatha, paatti to his girlfriends Shwetha, Varsha, to his aunts, uncles cousins- everyone!

Start music—–

Varun: ma, ma,ma…. thaatha?
Me: thoongitta (has slept)
V: paatti?
Me: thoongitta (has slept)
V: anna?
Me: thoongitta (has slept)
Anna: No da, am awake!! (incurs amma’s wrath!)
V: appa?…….
……. (goes on till he exhausts his list and then..)

Me: Varun?
V: thoongittan!

ke baad

V: ma, ma, ooncha (wants to piss)
Me: ippo dhaane ponae? (you did before creeping into the bed?!)
V: maaaa, oooonchaaaaa! endhudhu! (like hitting the panic button)
Me: (Take him to the loo and he somehow forces himself to pee even though his bladder is empty) Aacha? (Done?)
V: Aaachu. Ambhu, kaal ambhu (wash my legs)
Me: Ippo thaachi (sleep now!)
V: Ammmaaa, kadha? (ma, story!)
Me: Enna kadha? (what story) ?
V: Dhaabit (Its either a Rabbit or thoch (fox), kaaka (crow), or Abu (a boy called Abu))
Me: There was a rabbit. How do rabbits run?
V: gudhu, gudhu, gudhu (gudu-gudu-gudu – an expression implying ‘very fast’)! and runs all around and over everyone on the bed!
Me: (After am done with the stories of his choice). Ippo thoongu! (Now PLEASE SLEEP!)
V: maaaa, oooonchaaaaa!
Me: Sigh!!

Ek aur chote break ke baad-

V: Amma, paadhu. (amma, sing)
Appa: Baa, baa black sheep..
V: naanna, naanna. amma. (Nice soul little V. Only person who wants amma to sing. A chance for the appa to take a dig. For the knowledge of kind junta, his singing is no better!)
Appa: Varun, chamattha thoongu (Be a good boy and sleep. Fat hopes!!)
V: unnae (drawls).. pothaenna.. ammma! (Mocks the dad with the exact same expression he uses to chide him! Translates to – Let me give you a whack!)

Followed by more laughter, more songs, rhymes, prattles et al, knocking away the last bit of sleep in our eyes. And then, he sleeps. In a direction perpendicular to the other Vs.

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

10 thoughts on “My Little Tom Bombadil!”

  1. @Titaxy: Yes, it seems extra long on Sunday nights:)

    @Swaram: Sigh! When will he settle into a predictable sleep pattern!

    @Chocolate: SSShhhhhh!! Few folks from work follow this blog!!!!

    @ Pallavi: My hands are itching already!!:-)

    @Sudha: Welcome here Sudha! Am glad you enjoy reading this space:) Will love to see you more often:)

    @ Hema: That happens here too once in a while. Unless he doesn’t shake me awake for the nth ooncha.. Am sure you are gearing up once again for the long sleepless nights:) Good wishes?

    @ Anil: Hi Anil! Kids are the Elves of the highest order!!

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