Diya Rangoli

Pardon the A4 sheet drawing and passing it off as a step-by-step procedure for a Rangoli. Hope I get to do a neat, colorful job of it someday like the one TPL had linked in an earlier post:)

In keeping with the Diwali season, here’s a free-hand kolam with diyas..

Diya Rangoli
Diya Rangoli
Diya Rangoli
Diya Rangoli

If you are in the mood and if there is space in your front-yard, extend the kolam heeding to your imagination:) And let me know if you find this simple/easy/good/bad/poor/complex/whatever…

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

8 thoughts on “Diya Rangoli”

  1. If this is simple – I am getting a complex 😦

    Need zommed out, dotted line, multi-step instructions. A Youtube video will be better – I can stream it directly to the Vasappadi and attempt this

    1. @Chocolate: Will try doing it madam..

      @ Titaxy: Thank you:)

      @ Swaram: When compliments are hard and rare to come by, I’ll accept it happily:)

  2. I still remember the kolam u taught me in b.lore and i used to put it with white paint wherever i went. delhi, tirupur and even now in chennai.

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