Talks too much!

Vyas, leaning back on the sofa with legs curled up, left elbow rested on the sofa, head inclined at an awkward angle supported by his left palm . A notebook and pencil in the right hand wrongly held and scribbling away his homework.

Me: Vyas, sit properly and write.

Vyas: Tchhh…

Me: Am sure you heard me. Keep the notebook on a flat surface and write! (and I get back to my reading.)

Vyas: (after a pause of 2 minutes): Amma, its more difficult this way. Am not able to write.

When I look up, I see the notebook on the floor, he is still seated on the sofa, bending down and fakes an attempt to write!!

A nice kick on his small butt is what he needed:)

The fellow was yapping away to glory and I literally had pain in my ears!

Me: Now, shut up and eat!!

Vyas: No ma. Am hungry!

Me: Eat! That is what I’ve been saying!

Vyas: How can I if I shut up?

Brilliant! Original thought eh?

It was the day after he submitted the bird mobile in school:

Vyas: Ma.. you know what?

Me: What?

Vyas: The bird mobile…

Me: What happened? Damaged or something?

Vyas: Ma’am hung it beside Sanjana’s. Tchhh

Me: Okay, so what?

Vyas: There was a breeze and both of ours is now in a tangle.

Me: Oh! You must carefully remove the tangles then…

Vyas: Its not that. A says, my birds and her birds are kissing. I don’t want them to!!

Me: Lol!! Why?

Vyas: I don’t like her.

Next time, put yours next to the ones done by girls whom you like. But make sure she is a cutie-pie!!!


8 thoughts on “Talks too much!

  1. Sweetheart he is! Hugs Ved for ur smartness :)) At all point in time, he knows his mind / choices πŸ™‚ especially he has mastered the skill of getting on to your nerves πŸ˜‰

  2. @Charu: Yenna doubt? M is any day the Vs’ fav;)

    @Swar and Titaxy: I know and many more to come in the years:)

    @ Chocolate: Three cheers you say? Wait, I’ll pack and send him to you!

    @ TPL: Oh she’z already got a huge fans club TPL- an all-rounder and all that!! namba paiyyan verum sound-party;)

    @ Sri: Ner-la pesikkiren!!

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