Pollachi & Valparai

A four days trip to Pollachi and Valparai happened with some drama, thanks to the impending Ayodhya judgment! We heeded to Vyas’s advice of staying positive and went ahead with the trip. And whats more! We advanced the trip by a day as our original booking to Coimbatore was on the D-day!

A lovely trip it was. Just that Pollachi, in September, could have chosen to remain a little cooler. You’ll turn out as roasted peanuts if you venture out anywhere before 2.00PM. The weather changes dramatically after that and its like you are in Munnar or Valparai!

With my BIL and co-sis living there, we had a home to go and pitch a tent:) The day after the judgment, we all, BIL and co-sis included, scooted off to Valparai. We started in the afternoon and reached there in the evening. We went past Aliyar and Monkey Falls and planned on a halt for a bath in this splendid falls during our climb down from the mountains. There were quite a few ‘boochaandi’ stories of tigers leaping at you unexpectedly. Nothing exciting like that happened, much to the relief of my darling Tenali.

We stayed at a modest hotel close to the tiny town there and started early the next morning. When we set out to Valparai, the only thing we all were looking forward to was spotting at least one if not a herd of elephants. But it seems that the wood-elves heard us coming and warned every elephant, tiger, and leopard of our coming and they all stayed in-doors like nice kids!

Valparai was at its best; tolerably chill weather, green everywhere, no crowd, no noise- just perfect. There is a beautiful Balaji temple and Siddhi Vinayak temple hidden inside the secluded peaks in Mudis Estate- a sight to behold! We then set off to Neerar and Sholayar dams. Breathtaking! We spotted a huge brown mountain squirrel, few big mongoose, a couple of eagles and quite a lot of tiny, chirpy, colorful birds of which we never managed to click good pics. We were too lost in the moment to do anything:)

Filter coffee powder at Valparai is A-class. There is just one coffee-powder shop there and you must try it!

The retreat was equally enjoyable with a halt near a small water-fall and then at Monkey Falls for a dip. Vyas came out shivering like a wet crow and after a lot of fuss, changed into a dry pair of trousers in public;) His chief concern however was the monkeys. He was worried that the monkeys might carry away Varun mistaking him for a white monkey!! I had to remind the responsible anna that the ‘white monkey’ was clothed, and so there was no reason for panic..

The driver of the cab we’d hired, goofed up with the inter-state permit due to which we had to cut off Athirapalli and Guruvayoor from the original agenda… We intend to make another trip very soon, and Athirapalli is the top item on the list…

A few pics from the trip:

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