My Tenali and Diwali

Diwali announces its arrival with booms and bangs in almost every street corner at least one week before the actual day of the festival and the crackers continue to rock for several days after that. While most kids love to scan the crackers list and push their parents/grand-parents to extend the crackers budget, our man Vyas, is a kid in utter distress! You just have to mention ‘C’ in crackers and he is sure to close the door on you!

His hands are permanently glued to his ears and he is mostly found with his legs curled up on the couch. He calls a total bandh during Diwali and refuses to step out of the house to visit the temple, kolla patti, his cousins, or friends on this day. Crackers are my boy’s worst nightmare. Any amount of encouragement, reasoning, bullying has not helped in allaying his fears. ‘People must be mad to burst crackers!’ he declares!

As if to prove him right, last Diwali, my uncle made him stand at the door and lighted a bhoomi-chakram (ground- chakkar if you may call it), and to our dismay, it exploded! “See, I told you crackers are not safe. You people are out of your minds”, he yelled! He does not conceal his fear, but he will also attribute it to factors like pollution, child labor, and fire accidents!

I’ve recounted several of my tyrsts with crackers as a kid to substantiate that if we exercise caution, it is fun to light the crackers in the company of family and friends, but nay, he’d have none of it! Aashi, his 6.5 yr old younger sis, is bindaas and is totally cool about crackers:)

Vyas thinks my pranks of thrusting a rocket to snugly fit the mouth of a Waterbury’s Compound tonic bottle and then light it, is the most ‘stupidest’ act ever and wonders how my mom never figured out the bottles in my possession!

Its years since I’ve burst crackers myself and I’m absolutely fine and agree with him on not touching the stuff. But the fear is something I’d like him to overcome. Am sure he’ll come around, but the agony he goes through is something I can’t bear to see! His eyes are moist for the best part of the day:(

This Diwali, two of his friends from our apartments have taken it upon themselves to put Vyas’s fears to rest! Varun was barely 6 months old last Diwali and was ‘well protected’. This time, thanks to his anna, he has been saying , “pattachu dammaaal, dimmeel, bayam” everytime he hears an atom bomb explode two streets away!! Let me see how it goes with my boys this time!!

Will post updates the coming weekend!!!

Till then,in keeping with the ‘Enthiran- The Robot’ season:

Happy Diwali

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

16 thoughts on “My Tenali and Diwali”

  1. I am still scared of crackers too. And like ‘patta kaal-laye padum’, the one time I attempted lighting a rocket, it went sideways and burnt a hole in my new chudi. Thankfully I wasnt burnt.

    Vyas will learn to get over his fears in a few years. So dont worry. And cutie pie Varun. LOL!

  2. vidu, we can guide kids by hand only to a certain extent. when they choose to put a ‘dot’ to hearing to us, we need to let them go their way! Sure, soon enough, Ved will let go of this fear…probably he will start joking abt it himself 🙂 probably this diwali will be the tipping point! who knows… till then, just try diverting him to do things he enjoy to avoid moisty eyes – after all crackers is not life but having a smile on those lovely eyes is a MUST 🙂

  3. “pattachu dammaaal, dimmeel, bayam” – sounds soooo cute 🙂
    keep us upated and I hope Vyas overcomes his fears soon 🙂
    Wishing u all a very happy and blessed Diwali 🙂

  4. I looouuuvvvvee crackers.. No fear and all.. And yes.. childhood was full of interesting tit bits like opening all left over vedis, taking out the powder.. putting it in a paper and setting it on fire..

    Fun times..
    This Diwali was a noiseless one though.. Sigh!!

    1. I have been low on crackers for last few years… go green and all that:) I lit 1 or 2 this time thinking that it will comfort Vyas.. Have done the worrrssst during childhood:)

  5. If it bothers you make it a girl-guy thing, given that his sis can do it. That is what got me cycling, my super-cool cousin sis can drive anything on wheels(she started cycling at 7, quickly moved to moped, rode chetak when she was 12, now rides her bro’s pulsar for the lulz and drives cars like i can do only in videogames)
    anyway, my dad made me cycle by poking fun at me by saying things like my cous, a girl, was riding a scooter while i was scared of cycling.

    1. Say what you may, he’ll stay glued to his seat as if you were speaking to the boy next door… He did a BBC and VoA broadcast to all and sundry after having held a sparkler- the long one!!

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