Division of labour

With the *IAS exams approaching, I gave Vyas a few math problems to work out. One of the questions was this: A mechanic had to fit tyres for some cars, 4 tyres each. He had 35 tyres with him. So, for how many cars did he manage to fix and were there any tyres remaining?

Having given him a few more questions on these lines, Varun and I went out to the corridor for our usual moon-talk and the little one was so excited because the moon was playing hide and seek with him, thanks to the inclement weather and the cloudy sky!

Vyas followed us a few minutes later with the notebook.

Me: Finished already?!!

Vyas: No!

Me: Why?

Vyas: The questions are ‘chappa easy’ (his slang for ‘too easy’).

Me: Show me the page. (And pointing at the above question, I asked him what the answers were).

Vyas: (silence, and cloud-gazing)

Me: Dei, how many cars got the tyres?

Vyas: Simple. You must actually ask the mechanic. He might’ve fixed for just one or maybe none. Who knows!

Me: Arrrgghhh!

Vyas: And one more thing. Question-e thappu modhalle (The question is wrong to start with!)

Me: What? Why?

Vyas: Cars have five tyres. You forgot to account the 5th – the spare one!

Me: I’m impressed son. Please try this same division method with your teacher and don’t change your mind about the answer.

*The fuss and frenzy by parents over a regular term test will put IAS/CAT entrance preps to shame!


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